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Embracing Your Adversities

How have you been doing with our challenges we’ve been discussing in our past blogs concerning “The Art Of Healing Thyself?” Recall that we’ve touched on subjects such as self-awareness, self-advocacy, survival, and communication. Have you been finding success in any of these areas? If not, that’s ok. Change takes time. We challenge you to focus on one or two of these suggestions from past blogs, and make baby steps toward progress.

Self Advocate

It’s been a journey thus far discovering together how to heal thyself. We’ve discussed the role of being self-aware, and also what healing thyself really means. This “art” must and will always begin with learning to embrace who you are and how you were created. The second integral part of healing thyself is to learn to become your best advocate.


When considering ways to be healthy, most people would not add self-awareness to the top of their lists. Things such as eating vegetables, exercising regularly and the right combination of medications are at the top of everyone’s list. However, self-awareness is an integral step to the “Art of Healing Thyself.” Last month we discussed how there are steps to healing thyself, and being self-aware is the first step.

The Art Of Healing Thyself

When considering your heart during the month of February, many think of their Valentines, loves, and all of the amazing candies on the shelves for their special someone. So much about Valentine’s Day can remind us of the importance of love for others in our lives.

Dr. Corrielus – A Man Passionate About Helping You Succeed

When choosing a doctor to care about you, you want to choose someone who is passionate about his or her job, but also about you! Dr. Corrielus started Corrielus Cardiology to be a transformative practice that captivates and motivates you on a journey toward health and total well-being. Doctors are driven by different motivations. Some love the prestige of being a doctor.

Gifts For Your Heart

Get out your lists for December. You’ll need grocery lists for all the yummy treats you will create for your feasts. A list for your wishes is important, everyone needs to be aware of what you’d like as a treat. Are you aware of your family’s wants for their holiday treats? How about your heart? Are you aware of your heart’s desires? If your heart could make a wish list you’d find a preventative cardiac evaluation at the top of the list.

Giving Thanks For Your Heart

The month of November is a good time to reflect back over the year with gratefulness. It’s a season of thankfulness. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget one of your greatest gifts, your heart! Being grateful for your heart means honoring it by caring for it, so it can function at its maximum capacity.

Heart Health Values Exposed By Your Daily Habits

A value is a person’s principle or standards of behavior determining what is important in their life. A habit is a regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Did you know that your daily habits expose what you value the most? How do your daily habits expose the value you place upon your heart health?

Exercises For Your Heart Health

The health of your heart depends on many factors diet, family and medical history, and exercise. Some of these factors are completely out of our control, such as family history. One factor that you have control over is your level of exercise. Your heart is a muscle that gets stronger the more you exercise it. Here are three exercises that are useful for optimal heart health.

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