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Activities That Help Your Heart Beat The Winter Blues

Has cabin fever settled in yet? Cabin fever is not a diagnosable medical condition, but if you have it, you know it. A feeling of lethargy, unhappiness, and restlessness typically marks it, and is caused by being inside for too long.

Your heart can take a hard hit both emotionally and physically during the month of February. There are activities that can help you beat the winter blues and keep your heart strong.

  1. Get outside when you can. Vitamin D elevates your mood.
  2. While outside, cut some fresh evergreens to put in a vase in your home to give your house a fresh scent and give it a welcoming look.
  3. Discover a new indoor hobby. Challenge your brain and your heart with a hobby that helps you pass your time indoors while mastering a new skill.
  4. Investigate places where you are needed. Use your resources and time to reach out to those who cannot help themselves. This is a win-win solution to the winter blues.
  5. Eat lean proteins that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Lean beef and wild salmon are high in B12 and vitamin D. This diet is linked to improved moods and emotional regulation.
  6. Maintain your meaningful relationships and friendships. Be intentional about getting out of the house and remaining active both socially and physically.
  7. Exercise regularly. You may need to adjust your regular exercise routine due to the colder temperatures, but exercise keeps your heart healthy and the endorphins help keep you happy.

Contact Corrielus Cardiology to discover other ways to maintain the strength and joy of your heart during these winter months.

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