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Are you lazybones? Here’s what you need to know

Are you lazybones? Here’s what you need to know

Are you lazybones? Here’s what you need to know

Living like a couch potato, not working out, living an inactive or sedentary way of life…

There is no doubt that you have heard of all these terms, which refer to a lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting and lying down with little to no exercise.

People are turning to sedentary activities for a long time both in the United States and abroad. We spend a lot of our free time sitting down, whether it's to use a computer or other gadget, watch TV, or play video games. Many of our occupations now ask for lengthy days spent seated at a desk and are therefore making us more sedentary. And the majority of us commute while seated in buses, trains, and cars.

What effects does a sedentary lifestyle have on your body?

When you lead a sedentary lifestyle:

What negative effects on health might an inactive lifestyle have?

One of the causes of many chronic illnesses might be an inactive lifestyle. Lack of regular exercise increases your chances of:

Sedentary behavior increases the likelihood of dying young. Additionally, the risk to your health increases the more sedentary you are.

How can I begin an exercise regimen?

You might need to start cautiously, if you haven't exercised recently. You can gradually increase your workout routine. It's best if you can do more. Do what you can, but try not to feel overwhelmed. It's always preferable to exercise than to do nothing.

How can I move around the house more?

There are several methods to stay active while being in your home, including:

How can I become more active at work?

Most of us work while seated, frequently in front of a computer. Less than 20% of Americans really work in physically demanding occupations. Although it might be difficult to squeeze exercise into your hectic job, here are some suggestions to start you moving:

A word from the team

In the post-corona era, engaging in physical activity is difficult due to social distancing caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, avoiding sedentary lifestyles is more valuable than ever.

So, keep moving and lead a healthier life.

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