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Checking Up with a Heart-Healthy Holiday Season!

Checking Up with a Heart-Healthy Holiday Season!

The holiday season is here! And so is the season of gaining an unhealthy amount of happy weight. We all are super busy decorating our homes, arranging gifts, and preparing the most delicious meals. But amid all this chaos, we forget the most crucial aspect of our lives — our health, our hearts.

We often do not have the time to burn out the extra fat we're consuming during this time of the year. And while all this leniency might seem fun and innocent, it does harm your heart at a risky level.

Well, nobody wants to spend their holidays on the hospital bed! So, consider the suggestions provided in this article if you want to stay heart healthy during the holiday season.


Let's begin!

Leave Your Stress Bag Behind:

Anxiety does take a toll on your heart. And holidays are not for stress. This period is your break from all the Sturm und Drang. But when not properly planned, holidays may, unfortunately, be a heck of a ride. So, ward off your stress by following these simple yet effective points mentioned below:

The most significant thing is to ensure that the plan and budget you have created are flexible enough for any last-minute add-ons.


Next comes the drinks,

Manage Your Alcohol:

It is an understandable fact — Alcohol is a significant part of any celebration. But you also need to face the harm that alcohol brings to your body, especially your heart. Our blood pressure is already fluctuating due to all the excitement of the holidays. And each glass of alcohol magnifies it!

Remember: This fluctuation in the blood pressure leads to irregular heartbeat, causing Atrial Fibrillation (a condition where our hearts weaken, causing an attack or a stroke).

Although you can consume alcoholic drinks in moderate quantity, there are several non-alcoholic options that you can enjoy, like ginger ale, hot chocolate, cherry ale, peppermint tea, cinnamon tea, eggnog, and the list goes on.


Moving on,

Layering Up:

The temperature drops dramatically during this season. And to fight the temperature, you need to eat right and bundle up layers of clothes. So, wear tight and warm clothes to hinder the cold breeze and snowstorm effects.

Also, avoid DIY snow shoveling. Reports have shown that snow shoveling is a major cause of heart attacks during this season. Snow shoveling triggers heart attack as it takes a lot of strength to pursue this activity, which, in turn, reduces your immunity.

Cold temperature leads your blood to form clots and narrows down your blood vessels. And this may lead to a heart attack in the future. So, whether you are shoveling out the snow or decorating your lawn — make sure to layer up on warm clothes.


Be on the Lookout for Indications Concerning Heart Issues!

While you enjoy your holiday without any worries by following the mentioned advice pieces — you are also recommended to look out for these symptoms:

These symptoms may indicate a risk to your heart. Thus, if you are experiencing such symptoms regularly, contact a cardiologist as soon as you can.

To know more about heart health and concerning symptoms and to receive the right and holistic treatment for your heart — contact Corrielus Cardiology today.

We hope you enjoy this holiday season with a healthy and happy heart.

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