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Depression and Anxiety in Men

We live in a society where there's always a stereotype that men are the strongest. This patriarchal society pressures them to ignore their subconscious mind and pretend to be in control of everything. Men manage to ignore help as they believe that they are strong, independent, and are able to handle discomfort and head the situation.

Many people consider depression as blues or "down" feeling.
But depression can come in different ways in men.

Studies show that one in eight men will suffer from depression and, one in five men will encounter anxiety at any stage of their lives.

Depression is just like a health issue. When we feel sick, we visit our doctors, take medicines prescribed by them and get better. Depression is nothing different from it. Depression is a health condition that won't get cured by itself.

Signs of depression in men can be different as compared to women. Due to societal influence, males are not vocal about their problems as compared to females. It forms one of the main reasons behind the diverse reactions of depression and anxiety in both genders.

Unprocessed depression and anxiety are one of the leading causes of suicide in men.

According to observations, suicide is the chief cause of death for men under the age of 45. It's crucial to understand that anxiety and depression are medical conditions, not weaknesses, and efficient methods and practices can cure these issues smoothly.

Before digging into the remedies, let us first understand some signs and symptoms about how you can suspect that your loved ones are experiencing depression and anxiety.

Signs of Male Depression and Anxiety:

Why is Depression in Men Usually Unidentified?

According to various reports, women are likely to experience extreme depression as compared to men. There is also a possibility that due to some issues, men may not report their problems, making the figures of the women higher.

From observations, we noted that males generally report physical symptoms like fatigue, disturbed sleep. Their doctors may misdiagnose them due to a lack of proper information given by the patient. Moreover, people sometimes misunderstand common emotional or behavioral signs of depression in men. They consider it as a virtue of personality instead of a sign of depression. They may also confuse the reasons for an individual's increased risk-taking behavior or substance use.


Before consulting a doctor, you first need to analyze and accept yourself. The first step to cure depression is to admit the problem and believe that you can rectify it. Anxiety and depression are like medical conditions – you need approaches to endure and overcome them.

Small changes in lifestyle like- spending quality time with friends and family, regular workout, getting enough sleep, eating clean, and eliminating alcohol and other drugs are a few worthwhile changes. These small but valuable changes are the ones that can help to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Other than this, various other psychological treatments can help in healing depression and anxiety. The doctors, usually, are expected to refer you to consult a psychologist or other counselor for cognitive behavior therapy. Doctors may also include some medications like an antidepressant in treatment. This process may take some time as doctors need to analyze the right medicine and its doses that might suit you.


Men are prone to temper and destructive feelings and to get involved in substance abuse or risky actions.

Amplified recognition of the signs of depression in men can enable those people with this health to get guidance.

Asking for help to cure depression is necessary. Treatment can significantly develop a person's mental health as well as emotional well-being.

Clinical depression is a severe but curable mental health condition. With the appropriate treatment, a person suffering from depression can handle their situation and stay healthy. People with depression can work on themselves to recover fully.

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