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Dr. Corrielus – A Man Passionate About Helping You Succeed

When choosing a doctor to care about you, you want to choose someone who is passionate about his or her job, but also about you! Dr. Sanul Corrielus started Corrielus Cardiology to be a transformative practice that captivates and motivates you on a journey toward health and total well-being. Doctors are driven by different motivations. Some love the prestige of being a doctor. Some love the notoriety and respect that comes with holding the title of being a doctor. Dr. Corrielus is driven by his desire to share his passion for inspiring others to beat their odds against difficult situations. His knowledge is not theoretical it is experiential.

He grew up in Haiti in a very humble environment. He is the youngest of nine children. His community was agricultural and most residents were expected to continue in that profession. His family valued education. With very little resources, they somehow found a way to send him to the best schools in Haiti because they believed in the power of a good education. With gratitude in his heart and a drive to move beyond that cultural norm of entering the agricultural industry, he valued every class, teacher and bit of knowledge. While most in his community felt destined for agricultural work, he strived to beat the odds and become a doctor to help others.

Dr. Corrielus completed his internal medicine residency at Temple University Hospital. He subsequently worked as a primary care provider before entering his cardiovascular fellowship at Howard University Hospital. He also earned a Healthcare Executive M.B.A. from Alvernia College in Reading, Pennsylvania. His medical education is from the University of Rochester School Of Medicine and he graduated Magna cum Laude from Brooklyn College with a B.A. in chemistry.

When suffering from heart problems, you want a doctor like Dr. Corrielus who will always strive to overcome your medical odds. With him on your side, you have an advocate and a person who knows about hard work, determination and inspiration.

Famous Nigerian computer scientist Phillip Emeagwali states, “The hardships that I encountered in the past will help me succeed in the future.” Dr. Corrielus has learned to beat the odds by working hard. His passion is to share his experience about how to succeed with you. In the following months, check back in on this blog to read tips to help you achieve success when it comes to your heart.

Posted on behalf of Corrielus Cardiology

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