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Embracing Your Adversities

“Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.”

 – William Shakespeare

How have you been doing with our challenges we’ve been discussing in our past blogs concerning “The Art Of Healing Thyself?” Recall that we’ve touched on subjects such as self-awareness, self-advocacy, survival, and communication. Have you been finding success in any of these areas? If not, that’s ok. Change takes time. We challenge you to focus on one or two of these suggestions from past blogs, and make baby steps toward progress.

The next challenge Dr. Corrielus would like to give to you is to embrace your adversities. As Shakespeare stated, adversity is the ‘wisest course.’ Why is it wise to embrace your adversities? If you choose to turn away from, or ignore your adversities, you are not acknowledging their presence in your life. Your adversities are gifts to you that make you stronger.

Think about working your bicep to make it stronger. From where does the strength come? It comes through pushing through painful reps. The strength comes after sore muscles are worked beyond their usual measure of routine daily activities. You may resort to ointments or massages to help relieve the pain, however you wouldn’t trade the strength you are now experiencing in your muscle.

The same lesson applies when considering what makes you a stronger person to heal thyself, and enjoy heart health. Embracing your adversities and weaknesses will help you:

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