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Engaging In Academia

According to Merriam-Webster the noun academia refers to the life, community, or world of teachers, schools and education. Engaging in academia is not only good for your head, but it's also good for your heart, and here's how.

Exploring academia takes you places. When your desire is to learn, it demands exploration, and exploration demands movement. Movement is good for your body and your mind. Therefore exploration in academia sets you on a cycle of movement, learning, exploration and growth.

There are many ways to engage in academia that also strengthens your heart.

  1. Take a tour - Have you ever wondered why your glass of wine tastes to wonderful? Take a tour of several vineyards and become a wine expert.
  2. Sign up for a class - You're never too old to learn. According to Wikipedia, Kimani Maruge holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest person to start primary school at age 84.
  3. Plan a day trip - There's most likely a place around our great city that you've never discovered. Plan a day trip to Chanticleer Garden. It's just 40 minutes away and you'll love walking and discovering.
  4. Learn a new musical instrument - Learning to play a new musical instrument can be scary. Why not start with a harmonica. There's are videos on the internet to teach you proper technique and the breathing required is good for strengthening your lungs and heart.
  5. Experience new museums - Have you heard about the new Bible museum in Washington, DC? Why not step back in time and discover the origins of the Bible?
  6. Take a historical excursion - Check out Gettysburg's reenactments of the Civil War. Why not get a uniform and join in on one of them?
  7. Have your breath taken away by other's talents - It's a little far, but going to Broadway to watch a play or musical is worth the trip.
  8. Read a new genre of books - Switch up your regular genre routine to stretch your mind.
  9. Sign up for a workshop - Ask a friend if they're taking any interesting workshops and join them to learn something new.
  10. Learn a new sport - Get some tennis shoes and join a team of fellow friends in a new sporty adventure, pickle ball anyone?

Dr. Corrielus would like to encourage all his patients to continue with a growth mindset when it comes to your heart and your head!

Posted on behalf of Corrielus Cardiology

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