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Gifts For Your Heart

Get out your lists for December. You’ll need grocery lists for all the yummy treats you will create for your feasts. A list for your wishes is important, everyone needs to be aware of what you’d like as a treat. Are you aware of your family’s wants for their holiday treats? How about your heart? Are you aware of your heart’s desires? If your heart could make a wish list, you’d find a preventative cardiac evaluation at the top of the list.

A preventative cardiac evaluation is a comprehensive screening that could possibly save patients from serious heart complication and even death. During this type of appointment, you will begin with a crucial assessment of your risks for heart disease. It can provide important information about how your lifestyle is contributing to your heart health. In the end, the evaluation will determine, “Am I at risk for heart disease?”

This season is a time to give gifts. Give your heart the gift of health. Give yourself the gift of knowledge and empowerment. It’s time to receive the gift of empowerment over your health. Take control of the direction of your heart by staying informed about its health. Don’t be reactionary; be proactive for the sake of you, your family and your friends.

Dr. Corrielus’ integrative cardiovascular care is second to none. Most doctors focus on reacting to what has happened to your heart. Dr. Corrielus is passionate about preventing heart problems. Give your heart the gift of a preventative cardiac evaluation before the end of the 2016 calendar year. Call our office today to schedule your gift to your heart.

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