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Heartburn or Heart Attack? When to Worry?

Heartburn or Heart Attack

Do you feel a sudden pain in your chest after a big meal? Is this pain bearable? Does it feel like a heart attack?

Heartburn and heart attack are different conditions. It can be confusing, but both — heartburn and heart attack have similar symptoms, however, they are not the same. 

Today we are here to clear your doubts. Ironically, heartburn and heart are not related. It is a common condition of acid rising from the stomach to your esophagus. And the fact that the esophagus locates near your heart causes pain in your chest — confuses you to believe that you are having a heart attack. 

But remember, if the pain is unbearable, then contact Dr. Sanul Corielus immediately. Do not sit and wait if the pain is severe and unexplainable.

So, what is Heartburn? 

Heartburn can happen due to two conditions. First, it can be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Secondly, it can be due to stomach acid. Heartburn occurs either at night or after a heavy meal. You might start to feel acidic and pukish. The sensation of sour and bitter taste is a common result of heartburn. 

Also, this condition is a misnomer — since it does not involve the heart. In layman language, heartburn is called indigestion and acid reflux. If you feel pain moving up your throat but not in your shoulder, neck, or arms, then it is heartburn. We understand, sometimes heartburn can be painful and discomforting. But there are few solutions for this. Start by standing up straight and elevating your upper body. There are few home remedies that you can use to get rid of heartburns. 

Try taking some ginger and some apple cider vinegar. If you face this problem often, then we recommend you to consult a doctor. There might be a bigger problem which you are not aware of. So, if you start sweating and feel shortness of breath — contact a health provider, immediately.

How to Avoid Heartburn?

Since heartburns are common, the reason for heartburns is also common. The key is lifestyle changes. Things which you can do to avoid heartburns are:

When to Worry?

Are you feeling lightheaded, nauseated? Are you suffering from shoulder or arm pain, sweating and shortness of breathiness? Are these symptoms occurring with chest pain? If this is the case, then you must rush for medical help. All these are the symptoms of a heart attack. 

Heart attacks usually happen when you have coronary disease. Usually, considerable volume of blood rushes to the muscle of your heart. When such a condition happens — it results in a heart attack. Chest pain has to be the dominant symptom of a heart attack. It is why many confuse heartburn and heart attack. But don't worry. With heart attacks, there are multiple symptoms. 

So, when a condition occurs, rush to a doctor. Dr. Sanul Corrielus is an experienced, well-renowned cardiologist in Philadelphia, PA. He will look after you and guide you through. His care and precautions are necessary for preventive measures.

Heartburn or Heart Attack?

By now, we feel the difference must be pretty understandable. But to reinstate — a heart attack has multiple symptoms, and it includes chest pain. In heartburn, you will not face short breathiness, sweating, shoulder pain, and chest pain. Let us tell you this: heart attacks can happen anytime anywhere. In men, chest pain will be the dominant symptom. Whereas in women, dominant symptoms will be jaw pain, vomiting, and nausea. 

Frequent heartburns can cause damage to the esophagus. You must consult a doctor when it happens. Preventive care is the best way to progress in life. When in doubt, consult a doctor. Never be casual with health. For confusion, you must seek consultation. 

So, why wait? Visit now!

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