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Making Adaptations Can Lead To Healing Thyself

The care you receive from Dr. Corrielus at Corrielus Cardiology is transformative, captivating and motivating. Not only do we care about your heart, but we also care about how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to a healthier you.

We've been discussing in past blogs "The Art of Healing Thyself" through self-awareness, self-advocacy, intentionality, self-control, embracing adversities and setting appropriate boundaries. We hope these have been encouraging to you and you've been able to implement some of these ideas and habits into your life.

The next helpful way to heal thyself is through being adaptable. The ability to adapt is the ability to change a course that is not leading you in a right direction. Adaptability happens in nature all of the time. With the changing of seasons, all nature prepares itself for the cycle of newness ahead.

In parenting, we see adaptability displayed. If parents try to make all things fair and equal for all kids, they are ignoring each child's unique gifts, struggles and motivations.

As people who care about our hearts, we need to embrace adaptability as well. Having a flexible attitude and schedule helps us embark on each new day with eyes ready to see and feet ready to change a path.

Here are some goals for you as you attempt to incorporate more adaptability into your every day life.

  1. Try new things, and be prepared to fail a few times.
  2. Don't complain when you encounter an obstacle.
  3. Seek opportunities to explore, experiment, tweak and improve.
  4. Be resourceful; don't rely on one solution to always work for you.
  5. Stay relevant!

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