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New Year Resolutions to Boost Your Heart Health

New Year Resolutions to Boost Your Heart Health

The New Year is here, and we all are ready to take up some good resolutions to bring about significant changes in our lives.

While most individuals consider weight loss, a new business venture, or starting a new life as their main resolution, there is an essential point to focus on — your heart. Heart health resolutions are the way to win all your battles!

You may ask whether what will be the resolutions that can target your heart health, right? We are here to resolve this issue.

We have composed this article with some common yet effective heart health resolutions for you to abide by in the new year. So, go through the piece to determine which heart-healthy goals would you like to pursue.


Resolve to Stress Less:

Begin this year by avoiding stress about the slightest of things. Stop paying too much heed to unimportant events. Make some time in your day to enjoy the little things in life.

Be thankful for what you have and who you're with!

Try meditation, going out for a walk, spending time with your family.

Detach with your work for the weekend and shut off your workplace stress. The most important thing is to learn to say — "No". Several people feel obliged to say yes to every task that they are provided with. This leads to an unnecessary burden over their shoulders. So, try to say no to invalid obligations.


Resolve to Stop Smoking and Alcohol Consumption:

The best gift you can give to your body is making it free of health bargaining addictions. Consume less alcohol and tobacco smoke to protect your heart from undesired physical and mental suffering. This can improve your sleep pattern and help you relieve tension.

When it comes to your cardiovascular health, quitting your addiction is the best way to improve and maintain your condition. Thus, keep these two activities: Quitting Smoking and Alcohol Consumption on top of your checklist for 2022. Remember to consult your doctor for apt guidance and medication related to quitting your life-threatening addiction.


Resolve to Get Proper Rest:

Failing to get a proper and healthy amount of sleep poses a serious risk to your body and mind.

It can cause severe insomnia, atrial fibrillation, a stark rise in blood pressure, and even overeating.

Hence, you must ensure to get a proper 8-hour sleep every night in comfortable and peaceful surroundings. And if you face any trouble sleeping at the right time — then try to make a schedule. Keep your distance from the screen at least an hour before bedtime, and try meditation for better sleep. Remember to keep away from caffeine and sleep in a comfortable, dim room.


Resolve to Eat Healthier and Maintain a Healthy Weight:

This year, make it your resolution to eat healthy and nutritious food. Maintain your heart health by consuming fat-free and protein-rich meals. Eat fiber-rich food for better metabolism.

Not solely that, eating wholesome meals can also help you maintain a healthy weight (according to your body type, tolerance, and physical strength).

Also do remember: Maintaining a healthy weight doesn't necessarily mean catering to the standard physical outlook. You can be healthy while having a heavy or a petite body type. What matters is how physically and mentally sound you are!

So, consult the health care providers of our wellness program — Suave Concierge, and plan your diet according to their suggestions.


Resolve to Improve and Uphold Your Mental Health:

Your heart health directly affects your cognitive health. When your heart health declines, it puts a strain on your mental well-being — as lack of functionality of the heart sends extreme signals to the mind. It puts your mind in a crisis of skepticism. This leads to a rise in your blood pressure levels — causing hypertension and weakening of your heart.

So, this year, resolve taking care of your cognitive health for your overall wellness. And taking care of your mental health is an achievable task. Just by taking up as much burden as you can handle, prioritizing yourself, stressing less about minute things, and seeking medical help for your chronic problems may cause a visibly positive change in your overall health.


Let's Wrap It Up!

The past two years have been a heck of a ride. And this year has come up like a new hope for all of us. So, buckle up for a new heart-healthy year with a strong resolution to improve your cardiovascular health!

And if you require any further help on how you can improve your heart health — Corrielus Cardiology is right here to help you.

Get in touch with us today to turn over a new leaf.

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