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Not Sure About Your Diagnosis? Come See Us for a Second Opinion

Choosing the right treatment for a heart condition has a more profound impact on your life than buying a car. That may sound like an obvious or even a silly statement, but it makes an important point.

If you were buying a car, you would shop around for the right car at the best price. Surely, your heart health deserves the same attention. And that’s what second opinions are for.

Second opinions give you the essential information needed to feel confident in your treatment decisions. In fact, second opinions are so important that they’re an expected and routine procedure in the medical world, especially before performing surgery.

Many doctors recommend you get another opinion, and many insurance providers require a second opinion before they agree to cover the costs of your treatment or procedure.

As experts in cardiology and noninvasive heart treatments, Corrielus Cardiology frequently provides second opinions. Sanul Corrielus, MD, FACC can verify your diagnosis, talk with you about possible treatment options, and in some cases, help you avoid surgery.

Top-three reasons patients get a second opinion

Most patients seek a second opinion to confirm their diagnosis, discover alternatives to surgery, and get treatment recommendations.

Confirm their diagnosis

It’s only natural to want a second opinion after you’re diagnosed with something as life-changing as a heart condition. You want to be sure nothing was overlooked and that you have an accurate diagnosis.

A team of researchers at the Mayo Clinic studied the records of 286 patients who were referred to their clinic for a second opinion. 

After they compared each person’s referral diagnosis to their final diagnosis after a second opinion, they found that 21% of diagnoses changed and 66% were better refined.

The patients in the study were referred by primary care practitioners to internal medicine specialists at the Mayo Clinic. That means they had different conditions and the numbers don’t directly reflect changes in the diagnoses for patients with heart conditions.

But the fact is that diagnostic accuracy isn’t guaranteed, and getting a second opinion can make a life-saving difference. You can’t choose the best treatment unless you have the right diagnosis.

Discover alternatives to surgery

Sometimes surgery is the best or only option for treating a heart condition. But doctors who don’t specialize in endovascular procedures may not be up to date with the most advanced protocols or clinical guidelines for nonsurgical options.

After your second opinion consultation, we can let you know if you could do as well or better with a minimally invasive procedure.

Get treatment recommendations

Many people seek a second opinion because they have several treatment choices, and they’re not sure which one is best. Maybe you already received treatment and you wonder if another therapy might be better because your health hasn’t improved.

Your second opinion consultation takes two approaches to treatment recommendations. After reviewing and evaluating your existing treatment plan, we can let you know if any part of the plan should be eliminated or changed.

As an alternative, we can work with you to develop a new treatment plan. We take an integrative approach, so your new plan may include nutrition, exercise, and stress relief, along with medications and noninvasive treatments.

How to get a second opinion

You need to take a few steps to get a second opinion. You should check with your insurance provider to see if they have a procedure you must follow before they will cover your fees. You may need to ask your existing physician for a referral, or it may be ok to simply schedule an appointment with us.

We also need your medical records so we can thoroughly review your current diagnosis and treatment recommendations. You can ask to have your records sent to us and complete the medical record information release form. Or you can get copies and bring them with you.

If you have questions about scheduling a second opinion consultation, call our Corrielus Cardiology office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or book an appointment online.

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