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Self Advocate

It’s been a journey thus far discovering together how to heal thyself. We’ve discussed the role of being self-aware, and also what healing thyself really means.  This “art” must, and will, always begin with learning to embrace who you are and how you were created.  The second integral part of healing thyself is to learn to become your best advocate.

Being a great self-advocate requires that you know yourself well and be in tune with your body’s needs.  It requires a few skills that can be strengthened through practice and a little bit of confidence. Three vital components of being a great self-advocate are:

Stand firm and be ready to fight for a healthier heart.  Resist the temptations and be determined. The journey to a healthier you is enduring, but the benefits are tremendous.  Call our office today and start your journey to heart healing with Dr. Corrielus today.

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