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Serving Others For A Healthy Heart And Mind

October 11 is National Depression Screening Day. This day is held annually during Mental Illness Awareness Week in October. The day began as a way to reach individuals across the nation and educate, support and screen for depression. You may be asking yourself: “What does depression have to do with my heart health?”

In an article by the Harvard Health Publishing called Depression and heart disease: A two-way street, Dr. Celano states that “Many of the symptoms of depression-such as flagging energy levels and lack of motivation-can make getting regular exercise, eating healthy foods, and sticking to a medication regimen a real challenge. This, too, may explain why depression makes heart disease more likely.”

Corrielus Cardiology would like to remind you to take care of your mental health to help maintain your heart health as well. One way you can do this is by partnering with or serving others. As you use your gifts to serve others it adds a whole new dimension to your life and can put you on the path to a wholly healthy individual.

If you’re going through a dark time of depression why not reach out to help someone? When you’re focusing on the needs of someone else it helps to force you to stop focusing on yourself, and realize the gifts you have for the greater good of everyone, not just yourself.

Dr. Corrielus at Corrielus Cardiology would like encourage you to take one positive step today toward your heart and mental health today.

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