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Setting Your Intentions Toward Success And Survival

In our past posts we’ve been discussing the “Art of Healing Thyself.” We’ve journeyed through topics like, self-awareness and self-advocacy. What we’ve discovered is how you play a large part in guiding yourself toward heart health and healing. 

This month we will discover how setting intentions or goals toward your heart health are key to success.  Setting your intentions is really about being goal-driven. When you set goals for yourself it gives you something to work towards. It allows you the necessary focus to stay on course toward the ultimate goal.  It is important to start with small achievable goals and use the success of achieving those as a momentum builder to help propel you to a healthier you.  When there is no goal, there is no vision. When there is no vision, you cannot move forward due to the darkness you choose to remain in. Walking in the light of your vision and goals helps guide you. 

When setting heart healthy goals, your doctor's office is a good starting place.  At Corrielus Cardiology we pride ourselves with guiding our patient, getting started on the path toward heart health by helping them realize them dreams and set goals. We help guide our patients on the right path by realizing goals to promote healthy hearts.  We listen to your goals and vision, and take into consideration all of your past health issues. Together, we will formulate goals that are attainable and reasonable. 

After setting your intentions, your self-awareness will need to kick in. Your self-awareness is that part of you that has self-talk. You ask yourself: 

“Is this food that I’m eating helping me attain my goals?”

“Is this activity that I’m doing getting me on the right track toward achieving my goals?” 

Book your appointment with Dr. Corrielus at Corrielus Cardiology today, so you can get on the road toward healing and heart health. 

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