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Spirituality And Your Heart

In 2017 we’ve been discussing the “Art of Healing Thyself.” All of our topics have related to practical steps that you can take to heal your heart, and to maintain healthy habits so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy heart. At Corrielus Cardiology, we acknowledge that a healthy heart has to do with habits and attitudes in addition to medical treatments. Therefore, we are committed to helping you achieve the optimal heart health through the unison of the mind, body and spirit into one beautiful and complete person.

The next crucial component of your journey to wholeness is that of spirituality. When you spiritually connect yourself with your community and God, you are acknowledging that you are more than a physical being. When you are connected spiritually you enrich your heart health in meaningful ways. Seek out opportunities to bring spiritual meanings to your life, it will help your heart.

Spirituality involves listening. When you are connected with a higher being you must have some contemplative ears ready to hear and a heart ready to be molded. Practicing moments of silent prayer and meditation allow you time to listen.

Spirituality involves breathing. While it may seem simple and natural, your breath is a gift. Practice gratitude breaths as reminders of the gift of life that’s been given to you. “In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.” –Job 12:10

Spirituality involves serving. “The roots of happiness grow deepest in the soil of service.” –unknown. Happiness and joy are dependent on your ability to look outside of yourself and acknowledge that you are necessary and you can bless others with your acts of service.

Contact Dr. Corrielus at Corrielus Cardiology to discuss your heart. He sees each of his patients as a whole being that can succeed. You are not destined to succumb to the devastation of heart disease. There are things you can do to change the course of your heart conditions. Book your appointment now and see how you can begin your journey toward your healthier heart.

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