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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort (Warm) Zone

It's December and it’s cold outside. It sure would be comfortable to just be inside all winter and hibernate like the bears do! However, for most of us, an entire winter spent indoors avoiding the discomforts of the cold is unrealistic. Life happens, and we must go on! In addition, a stationary winter with no physical activity is bad for your heart.

There actually are benefits to you if you choose to go out in cold weather. Reader’s Digest published an article that suggests that there are 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Cold Weather. Some of these benefits include boosting your brain, burning calories, improving allergies, lowering inflammation, better sleep, and heart benefits.

While you need to take great care when stepping out into the cold this winter, it can also be a benefit to your heart if you do it cautiously and carefully. According to Reader’s Digest the benefits that cold weather can have on your heart include:

  1. It makes working out a fun and challenging activity.
  2. Your heart will pump more oxygenated blood to not only compensates for the activity, but also to ensure that your body maintains a warm enough temperature to stay within balance.
  3. It also makes your heart muscles stronger.

If you suffer from heart disease, you should be cautious stepping into the cold for exercise. Contact Dr. Sanul Corrielus to discuss more ways that your heart and overall wellness are linked together.

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