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The Art Of Healing Thyself

When considering your heart during the month of February, many think of their Valentines, loves, and all of the amazing candies on the shelves for their special someone. So much about Valentine's Day can remind us of the importance of love for others in our lives. However, how often do many of us forget to love ourselves so we are healthy and happy individuals, fully equipped and empowered to love?

The art of healing thyself is something Dr. Corrielus is passionate about. This "art" must and will always begin with learning to embrace who you are and how you were created. Learning to love yourself appropriately may be the most difficult thing you ever do, but it is worth it. When you learn to embrace and get to know every part of who you are you will discover the intricacies of every part of you, both emotionally and physically. You will celebrate your strengths and find the strength to conquer that which you want to change.

In the next months, Dr. Corrielus will be discussing through this blog the introspective aspects of "The Art Of Healing Thyself." Here are some of the things we will be discussing as we journey together:

Under Dr. Corrielus' care, you will experience a complete heart health plan that will passionately care about every aspect of getting you on the road to heart wholeness. You are a complex and beautiful person, and full heart health should be your priority as you look to heal thyself. The best Valentines gift you can give this year is to learn to love and embrace yourself.

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