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The Gift of Age

“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.” – Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

Age is a gift. It is a work of art. And it can only be achieved day by day and over a long period of time. No one can take your age from you and you cannot speed it along either. Age is a gift, if you choose to accept it as that. For some, age is seen as a necessary evil that they wish to hide or grumble about.

Your perspective on your age is important for your heart. A grateful and healthy heart focuses on the benefits that age brings to the heart. A grumbling heart focuses on everything negative associated with aging.

There are many benefits of growing older that only you can enjoy because of your gift of your years.

Gifts That Only Age Can Give You

Grandchildren - You get to experience the joys of children without the sleepless nights and diaper changing.

Wisdom - Nothing can replace the wisdom you’ve gained from your life experiences.

A Joyful Outlook - Some studies indicate that seniors are some of the happiest people in the United States. You can read more about it in “Research: Older adults are happiest Americans”.

Empathy - It has been found that older Americans have superior empathetic and social abilities.

Senior Discounts - You’ve earned them! Enjoy them!

Dr. Corrielus would like to remind you to embrace your age and to be grateful for the gifts that come along with it.

Posted on behalf of Corrielus Cardiology

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