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The ‘Wonder’ful Work Of Exploration

Patient Receiving an Electrocardiogram"It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy. Let's go exploring!" – Bill Watterson

That quote was the last line of the final Calvin and Hobbes strip, published on December 31, 1995. Did you grow up reading the classic stories through comic strips about Calvin and Hobbes? The author, Bill Watterson, says "I use Calvin as an outlet for my immaturity, as a way to keep myself curious about the natural world..."

What is it that you do that helps you explore your curiosities about the natural world? Curiosity is a key to success. Curiosity spurs exploration and exploration is good for your heart.

Curiosity and exploration can be accomplished in a wide variety of ways. Skepticism is all about inquiring or looking around for evidence through open-minded deep questioning. Exploration also can involve tinkering. Tinkering can be done with words, hands, experimentation and service. This tinkering can lead to innovative products and outcomes.

Exploration is most often thought about through travel. Discovering new cultures, tastes, societies and countries all require exercise of the mind and body, which is provided you with wonderful benefits for your heart. Why not book a trip to a place that you're curious about today?

Dr. Corrielus' mission is to provide you with integrative care that focuses on you as an individual and not a disease. For this reason, he'd like to remind you to explore all that you wonder about.

"Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit." – Frank Borman

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