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Top 7 ways to reduce your risk of heart attack:

reduce your risk of heart attack

Heart Attacks are now common in the United States. In every 40 seconds, someone in the US has a heart attack.

Did you know? According to research, men are more prone to heart attacks. They are twice as likely to have heart attacks when compared to women.

Astonishing right? If you think you are too young for a heart attack then you are wrong. The average age of heart attack is now 65 for 80% of men. Rest 20% has a heart attack before the age of 65.

Now, do you think you are young?

But now that you know how common and alarming this is. You would be wondering, how can I reduce the risk of a heart attack? Well, here are the top 7 ways to reduce your risk of heart attack:

1. Eat Smart:

Ever heard "You are what you eat"? It is a very common phrase. We believe there is truth to this phrase. A balanced diet is extremely important for your body. Food is what fuels your body. Start inculcating fruits and vegetables in your diet. Try to control your cholesterol through the diet. This is important to lower your blood pressure and lower the risk of a heart attack. Start avoiding sweetened drinks, processed meats, and refined carbohydrates. Start taking a high protein diet. That may include nuts, seeds, and fishes.

2. Start Exercising:

Gene Tunney once said, “Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.” Exercising not just change your body but will improve your body posture, attitude, and thinking process. Working out regularly will strengthen your heart. This improves blood circulation. To lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, maintaining your weight is important. For this, you must exercise. Exercising is a good way to decrease your risk of a heart attack.

3. Quit Smoking:

How many times have you heard “smoking is injurious to health”? We all have heard this but still smoke. Why? We understand it to be addicting, but it cannot be more important than your life, right? Smoking is proven to raise your blood pressure high. Smoking will thus increase your chances of a heart attack. Try to find the best ways to quit. Dr. Sanul Corrielus can help guide you through this process. He makes sure to motivate his patients to lead healthy lives. We also recommend you limit your alcohol consumption. Too much drinking can raise your blood pressure which increases your risk. Men should count their daily alcohol consumption, it will not only give them a beer belly but will also increase their risk of a heart attack.

4. Maintain Stress:

Stress is common in the modern world. But stress is linked to many heart diseases. According to research, stress can easily trigger a heart attack. Stress deteriorates your mental health. It is proven to be harmful to your physical health as well. It can lead to depression. Over-eating, smoking, heavy drinking are all common repercussions of stress. Managing stress can be tricky but still very much possible. You can start listening to music, dancing around, meditating, and even focus on something you love and care about. All these ways are proven to reduce stress.

5. Get Enough Sleep:

With 8 hours of work and personal life, 7-9 hours of sleep will sound impossible. But it’s not. If you wish to lead a healthy life then sleeping for 7-9 hours is necessary. This way you will manage obesity, high blood pressure, sugar, and depression. If you have some sort of sleep problem or disorder, we recommend you consult a doctor. Start sleeping early and quit day-time napping. This way you will wake up fresh the next morning and can start your daily activities. Ensure you get plenty of sleep. Focus on your lifestyle habits. These changes will benefit both your mental and physical health.

6. Manage Diabetes:

People who are diabetic are more prone to a heart attack. Your risk doubles. What happens is that high blood sugar will with time damage your blood vessels and nerves if not taken proper care of. These blood vessels and nerves control your heart. If you are seeing any symptoms of diabetes, get yourself check as soon as possible. And if you have diabetes, start taking more care. A diabetic patient is already at risk so it's better to be more cautious.

7. Pay Attention to Symptoms:

If you feel any discomfort or chest pain, don’t wait for it to go away. Immediately consult a doctor. Dr. Sanul Corrielus will brief you about such symptoms and after thorough checkups, he will prescribe you with necessary medications. If you experience something unusual like shortness of breath, change in heart rhythm, or exhaustion then it is always a good idea to consult. Don’t be reckless. Listen to your body and provide for it. Because if you don’t then who will?

In the United States of America, a heart attack is perceived to be the number one killer. And this is something which you can reduce with proper care and caution. The bottom line is that you must live well today to ensure healthy tomorrow. Heart health can be maintained through these top 7 ways. Start taking control of your health. Stop being a procrastinator. Everyone is busy in the present world. But you must prioritize your health. Focus on a healthy diet, workouts, and precautions. Stop consuming things that are bad for your body. So this is the only way to live healthily.

Consult Dr. Sanul Corrielus for more tips, tools, and motivation to make healthy changes in your life. His guidance will help you achieve a healthy heart. Make sure you follow these top 7 ways. He believes in self-care, mindfulness, and preventive healthcare. He is available for telemedicine and office visits.

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