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Second Opinions


In terms of treating your heart with cardiology services, you should never hesitate to get a second opinion. In fact, second opinions can be a valuable resource for any heart patient. At Corrielus Cardiology, we see countless patients who want to get a second opinion, especially if they have recently been told they need an invasive procedure to correct their heart condition. Dr. Corrielus is a highly respected cardiologist who specializes in non-invasive treatment. Our wellness center strongly values the lifestyle habits, existing health conditions and other risk factors that contribute to heart disease. In many cases, patients can restore their heart health by engaging in regular exercise, lowering stress and improving their diet. The use of medications can also provide an effective means of treatment. While not all patients can be treated conservatively, we are happy to evaluate you and determine whether or not your initial treatment recommendation aligns with ours.

Why Get A Second Opinion?

There are many reasons for getting a second opinion, especially when it comes to cardiovascular treatment. Dr. Corrielus offers second opinions for patients in the following scenarios:

  • Not confident about your physician’s recommendation
  • A requirement by your insurance to cover treatment
  • To explore ALL of your options
  • To weigh the cost of various treatment options
  • Address a concern about the risk of a certain treatment
  • To ask more questions about your condition or how the treatment will affect your lifestyle, family or work

At Corrielus Cardiology, we believe it is very important for patient to feel informed and confident in their cardiac treatment plan. If you would like to schedule a second opinion with us, please contact us today. We offer a unique integrative approach in treating heart disease.



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