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Aortic Insufficiency


Corrielus Cardiology is proud to treat patients who have aortic insufficiency or aortic regurgitation. This is a heart condition that involves a malfunction in the heart’s main valve, the aortic valve. Dr. Corrielus is a board certified non-invasive cardiologist who can diagnose aortic insufficiency and help you manage your condition properly. Our Philadelphia heart center uses a unique approach; we offer top quality cardiovascular care that is focused on integrative medicine, community education and overall wellness. We help patients realize the strong relationship between their lifestyle choices and their heart health. When it comes to aortic insufficiency, we are equipped to perform accurate testing and create a customized treatment regime to help you avoid any serious consequences from your condition.

Symptoms & Causes of Aortic Insufficiency

The aortic valve is responsible for regulating blood from the left ventricle to the aorta. In a healthy heart, the aortic valve opens and closes in a way that supplies necessary blood to your body’s organs and tissues without letting blood flow back into the left ventricle. However, the aortic valve does not close properly in someone with aortic insufficiency, which leads to blood leaking into the left ventricle and eventually causing this area of the heart to enlarge and even weaken.

It is common for patients to be asymptomatic, and the presence of a heart murmur is often what exposes this condition first. However, aortic insufficiency may also cause you to be short of breath during activity or experience symptoms such as palpitations, heavy heart pounding or chest pain.

Treatment of Aortic Insufficiency

Your treatment plan for aortic insufficiency will be based on your specific symptoms, the amount of blood that is leaking into the left ventricle as well as the strength of your heart muscles. If not severe, your treatment plan may include close monitoring, medications, and efforts to reduce your blood pressure if it is elevated.

If you suspect that you may have aortic insufficiency, we can conduct the proper testing to confirm your diagnosis at Corrielus Cardiology. Our integrative cardiovascular care includes gold standard treatments for a full menu of heart conditions. Contact our office today; we look forward to restoring your health and helping you live your best life.


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