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Congenital Heart Disease


When there is a structural or functional abnormality of the heart that is present at birth, it is considered a type of congenital heart disease. Not all congenital heart problems cause symptoms right away and some are never even detected. However, congenital heart problems commonly involve holes in the heart’s walls or leaky valves. A hole within the wall that divides the heart’s chambers can allow blood to improperly mix together whereas a heart valve defect can impair blood flow throughout the heart and cause blood to leak backwards. Congenital heart disease may also include issues with the heart muscle as well as poor connections between the vessels of the heart.

At Corrielus Cardiology, we are prepared to diagnose and treat congenital heart disease. Whether you have been monitored since birth or are just now experiencing symptoms from a congenital heart problem, we can provide the necessary testing and evaluation to ensure proper treatment is initiated. Certain heart defects require immediate correction to prevent heart failure. You can trust Dr. Corrielus to bring extensive knowledge and compassion when treating your congenital heart disease in Philadelphia. Our unique cardiology center focuses on integrative medicine and non-invasive treatments in order to help patients with cardiovascular conditions live their best life possible.

Symptoms & Causes of Abnormal Heart Development

If your congenital heart disease was not symptomatic at birth, it is possible for you to experience symptoms later in life, such as shortness of breath and difficulty exercising. In infants and children, however, a heart-related birth defect can include the following:

  • A bluish tint to the skin, fingernails, and lips
  • Rapid breathing and poor feeding
  • Poor weight gain
  • Frequent lung infections
  • Not being able to exercise

The cause of congenital heart disease is not always known, but they are often hereditary. However, a baby’s heart defects can also be attributed to chromosomal problems, a viral infection in the mother during the first trimester or drug and alcohol abuse during pregnancy.

Treatment of Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital heart disease treatment can vary greatly depending on the specific structural defect, severity of symptoms and age of the patient. Some may not require treatment at all while others may need careful monitoring or even surgical correction. If you have been diagnosed with congenital heart disease and are looking for most trusted non-invasive care in Philadelphia, turn to Corrielus Cardiology. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with a renowned cardiologist who deeply values your heart health as well as your overall wellbeing and quality of life.


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