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Heart Attack / Myocardial Infarction


Your heart needs a constant supply of blood to thrive. When oxygenated blood to the heart is suddenly blocked in the coronary arteries, a heart attack can occur. The blockage commonly forms in an artery with progressive atherosclerosis, or plaque build up along the inner artery wall. When this hardened plaque ruptures, a clot can form and block blood going to the heart muscle. In turn, the heart muscle is starved for nutrients.

Heart attacks or myocardial infarctions are considered a medical emergency, as the amount of permanent damage that can occur is greatly influenced by the time between injury and treatment. At Corrielus Cardiology, we can rebuild your health after a heart attack. Our excellence in non-invasive treatment is delivered with a team-based approach for cardiovascular conditions that is focused on patient-centered care at all times.

Symptoms & Causes of a Heart Attack

Although rare, heart attacks can be asymptomatic (a “silent myocardial infarction). Symptoms can also vary between men and women. In general, a heart attack is marked by the following symptoms:

  • Tightness, pressure, or pain in the chest, arm, or below the breastbone
  • Discomfort radiating to the back, jaw, throat, or arm
  • Fullness, indigestion, or heartburn-related feelings
  • Sweating, nausea, vomiting, or dizziness
  • Extreme weakness or shortness of breath
  • Rapid or abnormal heartbeats
  • Anxiety

Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of heart attack, which means there is plaque accumulation (fatty deposits) along the artery walls that can rupture and obstruct the heart’s blood supply.

Treatment of a Heart Attack

Treatment for a heart attack varies drastically depending on the severity of your condition. It can range from lifestyle changes and cardiac rehabilitation to medications and bypass surgery. Not everyone who has had a heart attack needs bypass surgery or even angioplasty. There are a number of heart attack patients that find successful treatment with medication, gradual exercise and healthier lifestyle choices. We strongly value the importance of non-invasive measures to better your heart health, which include proper nutrition, active living and stress management.

At Corrielus Cardiology, we can help you manage heart problems and prevent another heart attack. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Corrielus in Philadelphia.


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