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Heart Murmur


A heart murmur refers to a "whooshing" sound during the normal heartbeat cycle, which an audible sign of turbulent blood flow. More times than not, heart murmurs are harmless, especially when they occur in children. However, not all heart murmurs are innocent, and it is critical to determine whether or not yours requires treatment. Abnormal heart murmurs can point to a structural abnormality of the heart or an acquired heart valve problem. At Corrielus Cardiology, we are fully equipped to diagnose your heart murmur and treat the underlying cause of your heart condition if appropriate.

Symptoms & Causes of a Heart Murmur

The causes of a heart murmur are widespread. Symptoms can occur in children or develop later in life. Innocent heart murmurs are typically associated with no other symptoms other than the swishing sound heard through a stethoscope. However, when the heart murmur is determined to be abnormal, there are a variety of culprits that need to be investigated.

Some abnormal heart values are congenital, meaning the patient was born with abnormal structures within the heart. Heart murmurs are often traced back to a defective heart valve, or when the stenotic heart valve is too small to open completely and causes regurgitation of blood in the heart. There are also times when heart murmurs are linked to other conditions, such as pregnancy, fever or anemia.

Dr. Corrielus is an esteemed cardiologist who can determine the type of heart murmur you have, diastolic or systolic, as well as what is causing it. We use a series of non-invasive testing measures to guide your treatment plan.

Treatment of a Heart Murmur

At Corrielus Cardiology, we provide effective, life-long remedies for your heart conditions and associated symptoms. If you have been told you have a heart murmur, you can trust Dr. Corrielus for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Our Philadelphia heart and wellness center takes a patient-centered approach at all times. Your heart murmur treatment will be based on the unique cause of your symptoms. We are proud to treat families with the best in non-invasive cardiovascular care so that they can lead active and healthy lives. Contact Corrielus Cardiology today to schedule a consualtion for you or a family member.


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