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Leg Swelling


At Corrielus Cardiology, your health and well-being are our top concerns. We are a unique cardiology center in Philadelphia that focuses on integrative care using non-invasive testing and treatment for a wide range of heart conditions. When it comes to symptoms that may be associated with heart disease, we go above and beyond to diagnose and treat the underlying problem. If you are experiencing leg swelling, or lower extremity edema, don't ignore it. Leg swelling may be an indication of worsening heart failure or peripheral artery disease.

Symptoms & Causes of Leg Swelling

Swelling in the legs and ankles occurs when there is fluid accumulation in the body. When associated with the cardiovascular system, this excess fluid may be due to a reduction in blood flow out of the heart, resulting in a back up of blood in the veins returning to the heart. Left untreated, leg swelling can lead to increased pressure in other tissues of the body and additional medical complications.

If you have edema in your legs, you may feel as though your shoes are tighter than normal. It is not uncommon to have leg pain or achiness in your legs if you have swelling, which is often more apparent later in the day. At Corrielus Cardiology, we can perform the necessary non-invasive testing methods to determine exactly what is causing your leg swelling. We treat all types of cardiovascular conditions that cause edema, including congestive heart failure, PAD and more.

Treatment of Leg Swelling

While there are ways to manage your leg swelling symptoms, such as elevating your legs, wearing compression stockings or taking diuretic medications, our cardiology center focuses on treating the underlying cause of your edema. Leg swelling is a secondary symptom that can serve as a warning sign of a deeper, more serious concern. You can trust Dr. Corrielus as a skilled and knowledgeable cardiologist who takes an integrative approach to your edema symptoms before recommending a course of treatment. Whenever possible, we educate patients on the importance of lifestyle changes as a primary weapon to fight heart disease.

If you live in the Philadelphia area and are suffering from chronic leg swelling, please contact our office today to schedule an appointment at Corrielus Cardiology.


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