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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is a non-invasive method to obtain blood pressure readings over a 24-hour period. ABPM allows patients to remain in their own environment and carry out their normal lifestyle activities while wearing the monitor. This approach has been proven to provide a more accurate blood pressure measurement compared to an isolated blood pressure reading in a clinic. ABPM is a valued testing method that is used to help predict potential heart problems and save patients from costly or invasive procedures. In fact, studies show that increased blood pressure readings on ABPM are more closely correlated to end-organ damage than isolated measurements.

At Corrielus Cardiology, we value the use of advanced cardiac technology when it comes to assessing your heart-related symptoms. We use non-invasive testing methods, such as ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and other cardiovascular testing, to gain the most accurate depiction of your heart health in the most comfortable ways for our patients.

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring allows Dr. Corrielus to evaluate your blood pressure at multiple times throughout the day, including your nighttime sleep hours. The device is easy to wear and resembles a traditional blood pressure cuff that will automatically inflate to measure your blood pressure at set intervals. Normal ambulatory blood pressure is <135/

This method of non-invasive blood pressure monitoring is especially beneficial to accomplish the following:

  • Detect white coat hypertension
  • Evaluate a response to treatment or medication
  • Diagnose masked hypertension
  • Detect episodic dysfunction or autonomic dysfunction
  • Provide a more cost-effective testing method in the long-term
  • Gain a more accurate reading in a patient’s own environment

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