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Atherosclerosis Screening (Imt)


Corrielus Cardiology is proud to offer a quick, painless and FDA-approved test that can detect and monitor atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the buildup of plaque within the artery walls, and it is a leading cause of heart attack and stroke. Our Philadelphia wellness center utilizes the latest state-of-the art technology available when it comes to IMT (intima-media thickness) imaging and other cardiovascular testing. This type of non-invasive scan allows Dr. Corrielus to obtain a precise measurement of the health of your arteries so that we can take proactive measures to prevent the serious, and even life-threatening consequences of heart disease.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, which often begins as plaque accumulation in the arteries. Unfortunately, the first signs of plaque buildup are often a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, the use of non-invasive atherosclerosis screening (IMT) is an invaluable testing method that can save lives. Dr. Corrielus is a leading non-invasive cardiologist who values early detection and preventive care when it comes to your heart health. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to view the thickness of your artery walls and determine the overall health of your arteries in a matter of minutes.

Painless Scanning For Heart Attack Prevention

During an IMT scan, we can measure the thickness of the two innermost layers (intima and media) of the walls of the artery. This gives Dr. Corrielus an accurate depiction of the artery’s overall health, including the blood vessel age as well as any areas of narrowing or thickening. Our atherosclerosis screening methods are free of radiation and allow patients to remain comfortable throughout the scanning process. In general, IMT scans are typically performed for adults who have one or more cardiac risk factors.

Dr. Corrielus uses the results of your IMT scan, in combination with your cardiac risk factors, to develop a treatment plan to restore your heart health and protect your future wellness. In many cases, we can recommend healthy lifestyle changes that can halt the progression of your artery thickening and help you avoid invasive treatments. Atherosclerosis screening can ultimately be considered imaging for heart attack prevention.

To learn the health of your arteries, contact Corrielus Cardiology today to schedule an Atherosclerosis Screening. We offer a full menu of non-invasive cardiac testing services at our innovative Philadelphia wellness center.


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