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Exercise Stress Echocardiogram


If you have narrowing or blockages in your coronary arteries, you may not experience symptoms while at rest. However, as your heart is exposed to stress (during physical exertion), signs of heart disease may be more apparent. This type of cardiac reaction can be accurately measured during an exercise stress echocardiogram. Corrielus Cardiology proudly offers echo stress tests as part of our full menu of non-invasive cardiac testing services. Dr. Corrielus is a leading Philadelphia cardiologist who routinely uses this type of procedure to diagnose or monitor stress induced arrhythmias or artery blockages.

Exercise stress echocardiograms represent an invaluable diagnostic tool when it comes to your heart health and overall wellness. The results of the test may help confirm or rule out heart disease. If you currently have coronary artery disease, an echo stress test can help us determine if your current treatment plan is effective. Whether we are monitoring a heart condition or diagnosing your heart-related symptoms, you can trust Corrielus Cardiology for superior, patient-centered care at all times.

Echo Stress Test

An echo stress test uses ultrasound technology and EKG monitoring to capture a patient’s heart function before, during and after exercise or “stress.” The ultrasound images and EKG readings taken throughout the procedure allow Dr. Corrielus to view how your heart responds to stress. Healthy arteries dilate during exercise and allow more blood flow. However, in narrowed or diseased coronary arteries, the blood flow is reduced and certain portions of the heart “starve” during exercise. This can produce symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath for the patient, and the EKG and echocardiography will show these abnormalities during the procedure. For patients who are unable to perform exercise or walk on a treadmill during an echo stress test, a medication can be given to safely speed up the heart rate or induce stress.

To schedule your echo stress test at Corrielus Cardiology in Philadelphia, please contact our office today. We are known for providing excellence in non-invasive cardiovascular care with an emphasis on integrative medicine for complete wellness.

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