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Corrielus Cardiology

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Corrielus Cardiology offers a unique approach to cardiovascular care. The cardiologists and staff are strongly committed to providing patients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a comfortable, integrative, and educational environment that fosters overall wellness. Patients from all walks of life can find trusted, comprehensive care at Corrielus Cardiology.

The cardiovascular care center is led by board-certified non-invasive cardiologist, Sanul Corrielus, MD, MBA, FACC. Dr. Corrielus brings experience and passion for serving and educating the community. Corrielus Cardiology delivers a unique team approach to integrative medicine that focuses on nutrition, exercise, and stress relief as a way to support better cardiovascular health.

At Corrielus Cardiology, the team values the strong correlation between heart health and overall wellness. The practice aims to educate the community on how good lifestyle choices and routines can ultimately help prevent emergency room visits, save money, and build stronger, healthier families. Corrielus Cardiology provides a friendly, inviting, and culturally sensitive environment, and they want each patient to feel comfortable and cared for on a personal level.

The practice offers comprehensive heart and wellness care, including preventive cardiology, cardiology consultations, echocardiograms, stress testing, second opinions, advanced cardiovascular testing, and non-invasive treatment options for a number of heart-related conditions, such as chest pain and varicose veins. To better serve their patients, they also offer concierge medicine services and an enhanced accessed membership program. The community-focused practice is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and backed by a team of compassionate and skilled providers, which allows them to create the most rewarding and positive experience for patients.

To learn more about the integrative cardiovascular care center, call Corrielus Cardiology or schedule a consultation today.

Healing the Spartan: A Breakthrough Plan to Heart Health and Longevity

When you’re a high achiever, especially when you’re someone who works long hours to climb to the top of your field, it can be tempting to focus your time and energy there and consequently neglect your health. You may tell yourself that you feel fine, or that you don’t have time to exercise, or that you’ll change to a healthier diet when you’re older. But poor diet, lack of exercise, and toxic stress from long hours of work can create the perfect ground for heart disease.

Healing the Spartan explains heart disease, its causes, its treatments, and its prevention. With a focus on mind/body/spirit balance and integrated care, this book gives you the tools to fight for your own heart health.

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5 Proven practices to get your heart to say thank you.

-By Sanul Corrielus

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Leaders in Community Heart Health

Our mission is to provide our community integrative care that focuses on the patient as an individual.

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We improve the lives we touch by delivering state of the art care and unequaled compassion.

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Corrielus Cardiology accepts all Insurance Plans listed. If your insurance is not listed, please call your insurance company to verify if we are in Network or contact 215-383-5900.

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Corrielus Cardiac Care Management

Whether recovering from cardiac surgery, complex cardiac procedures, recent diagnosis of a heart condition or heart failure, cardiac patients typically have a long road to recovery. They certainly don’t need the added stress of having to leave their familiar environment to visit multiple doctors’ offices and hospitals for follow up care. That's where Corrielus Cardiac Care Management comes in.

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Words from our patients

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    "Great doctor office staff are always friendly and helpful and Dr. Corrielus always goes the extra mile when treating his patients."

    Tyyana S.
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    "He is great he cares about patients and takes the time to listen. Dr. Corrielus is awesome."

    Lisa J.
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    "He is a great and caring Doctor always there when you need him his staff are very friendly and always inviting."

    Chachi R.


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