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There is an undeniable link between your heart health and your overall wellness and well-being. Corrielus Cardiology is proud to serve the Philadelphia community with excellence in integrative cardiovascular care. Our wellness center in Philadelphia takes a unique collaborative approach to your heart health by providing comprehensive cardiology services that are driven by community education and empowerment. We believe that when it comes to helping patients avoid the dismal statistics of heart disease, knowledge is the most powerful weapon.

Dr. Sanul Corrielus leads our practice as a board certified non-invasive cardiologist with over 16 years of clinical experience. He brings extensive knowledge in his field and uses a compassionate, patient-centered approach when treating conditions of the heart. Dr. Corrielus is both a community wellness advocate and innovative Philadelphia cardiologist who focuses on comprehensive and preventive care to foster better overall health and an improved quality of life.

Excellence in Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Treatments

At Corrielus Cardiology, we realize the devastating consequences of heart disease. Therefore, we consider it our responsibility to educate and empower the Philadelphia community on how to prevent heart disease and live a healthier, longer life. Our cardiovascular care includes a full menu of non-invasive treatments for all types of heart-related conditions, ranging from arrhythmias to coronary heart disease. Corrielus Cardiology is also equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment, which allows us to perform a number of non-invasive testing methods to ensure patients get the most accurate diagnosis of their heart symptoms.

Most importantly, we pursue preventative care whenever possible. Our expansive knowledge of the heart enables us to pinpoint specific factors that may be putting you at risk for heart disease. In many cases, a preventative screening and healthy lifestyle changes such as better nutrition, more exercise and less stress go a long way in helping patients avoid heart failure.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Corrielus or to learn more about our collaborative approach to cardiovascular care, please contact our office in Philadelphia today. We consider it a privilege to help patients lead their best life possible.

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Wellness is a state of being that integrates knowledge, healthy practices and a plan involving body and spirit - Dr. Sanul Corrielus

Meet Dr. Sanul Corrielus

Dr. Sanul Corrielus Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Sanul Corrielus is a board certified cardiologist with a deep passion to empower the Philadelphia community on how to live a heart-healthy life. He brings elite training and experience in his field combined with a holistic and compassionate approach to cardiology. Dr. Corrielus is a community activist who is known for his focus on preventative education, non-invasive treatments and well-integrated care.

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Rolon Kids

He is a great and caring Doctor always there when you need him his staff are very friendly and always inviting.

Steve Jackson

Everyone is nice and the Doctor waited patiently for me and I truly appreciate all of you guys.

Lisa Jones

He is great he cares about patients and takes the time to listen. Dr. Corrielus is awesome.

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