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10 Yoga Poses for Heart Health

Yoga is a spiritual, physical, and mental process. Its poses and postures help us heal. Yoga is an Indian art form — that is being practiced by individuals all over the world today. It helps us all lead a healthy lifestyle.

Now Yoga is principally performed for flexibility and core strength. But, it also helps us calm our mind — through meditation and breathing exercises.

But did you know that Yoga can boost your cardiovascular health as well?

Although exercises get your heart rate pumping, you still need to manage your stress levels.

And the postures in Yoga can assuredly help you relax your body and mind.

So, we have listed some basic and easy Yoga Asanas for you to improve your heart health:

Extended Triangle Pose:


Seated Forward Bend Pose:


Half Spinal Twist Pose:

Cow Face Pose:


Bridge Pose:

Shoulder Stand Pose:


Head to Knee Pose:



Supine Spinal Twist Pose:



Child Pose:


Corpse Pose:

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