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5 Ways Your Fur Buddies Can Help You Deal with Stress

The support and companionship from your pet can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Learn more about the same in

Let it be their cute paws, sweet snuggles, or happy tail wags, undoubtedly pets are the most adorable little joy bearers of our lives.

And if you weren’t already aware of a million reasons to love your furry best friend, let us one up-on you: research indicates that having a pet helps you with your health and well-being.

Yes! It’s true.

Turns out, this special bond that you share with your beloved pet has tons of positive health benefits. Pets can help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, inactivity, heart health, and many more of such issues.

So, here are 5 ways how your adorable fur buddies may help you with your mental health. Read on to know more about their magic.

Pets Make Us Feel Needed and Loved

Doesn’t it feel good when you get back home after a tiring day and there is a cute furry friend tippy tapping with joy the moment they see you? Pets make us feel like we have somebody to care for, to look after their needs, and to love. This feeling of being needed ties an invisible knot between you and your pet that holds you back from falling into the abyss of stress and diseases. A feeling of goodwill, joy and happiness stems from seeing, touching, hearing and even talking to your pet.

Pets Calm Down Our Anxiety

Continuing with the last point, a pet helps you get a grip on your emotions and calms down your anxiety. Now more than ever, people are suffering from various mental health issues, specifically anxiety. Pets act as a source of stability. A study states that having a pet since childhood prevents you from being unhappy at all levels.

Lowers Your Stress

Interacting with a friendly and joyous pet leads your mind to release oxytocin a hormone that manages your stress levels. It also reduces the number of cortisol hormones in your body. This explains why a therapy associated with animals is far more effective as compared to normal therapy. The sensory act of stroking an animal itself calms down your blood pressure.

Your Pet Gets You Moving

Having a pet motivates you, moreover pushes you to exercise. A cat, rabbit, or a dog — all require frequent walks. They also need your attention and want you to play with them. And all these activities help you get your body moving, hence polishing up your overall health. So, maybe it's all those walks, hikes, or fetch-games but after all those sessions, you too gain the advantage of being physically active. Researchers found that seniors who walk their dogs tend to have a lower body mass index and visit the doctor less frequently.

Pets Are Great Examples of Living in the Moment

Pets live in the moment. Therefore, they are not concerned with what happened yesterday. Furthermore, they do not care about what happens tomorrow.

Therefore, pets may help people to become more mindful. A person practices mindfulness when they bring their attention to the present moment. Thus, pets may be beneficial for teens to enjoy and appreciate the present moment.

Furthermore, pets can help teens distract themselves from the things that bother them. Teens who are surrounded by pets gain an appreciation for what it is like to be playful and carefree.

A Word from the Team

Pets give us unconditional love. And this love pushes our mental health towards growth and prosperity. The support and companionship from your pet can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Remember that when you adopt a pet, it doesn’t just improve their quality of life but yours too.

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