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Are you ‘hangry’? Or is it just an excuse?

Are you ‘hangry’? Or is it just an excuse?

Are you ‘hangry’? Or is it just an excuse?

Craving a substantial meal or an endless supply of your preferred snack is one thing. It's another thing to be so hungry that you snap at the slightest inconvenience. This distinguishes between hunger and "hangry," a clever mashup of "hungry" and "angry."

Whether you've personally gone through it or not, you probably know someone who has. But is it a physiological phenomenon, or is it simply a more sophisticated form of weeping for your bottle?

The biological basis of hanger

According to gastroenterologist Christine Lee, MD, "There is a physiological explanation why some people get angry when they're hungry."

She says, "The level of sugar (glucose) in your blood falls after you haven't eaten for a while.

When your blood sugar levels go too low, a series of hormones are released, including the stress hormone cortisol and the adrenaline (the fight-or-flight hormone). To increase and stabilize your blood sugar, these hormones are released into your system.

So why do I feel so hungry all the time?

According to Dr. Lee, the release of cortisol might make certain people aggressive. Low blood sugar may also affect higher brain functions, including those that aid in impulse control and the regulation of our instinctive drives and behavior.

So, there is a medical reason for being agitated. It's a physiological response brought on by low blood sugar; it's not the same as getting cranky when you're exhausted, ill, or otherwise unwell.

Why do some people become agitated when they are simply hungry?

According to Dr. Lee, those who have difficulty with impulse control or anger management may be more prone to developing hunger. It is uncertain, though, whether having a personality feature issue and having frequent hangers are related.

Doctors claim that hunger has more harmful effects than just anger. If hunger doesn't make you angry, it might make you experience one of the following:

When hanger becomes an issue?

According to Experts, getting so hungry that you become agitated is not always a sign of health problems. "You shouldn't worry about an occasional bout of extreme hunger if you're generally healthy."

People with other health issues, however, should take precautions to avoid hangers. That covers people who are taking any medications, have health issues, and are underweight or malnourished.

Experts say that those who have metabolic stressors such as diabetes, pancreas or liver problems, or adrenal insufficiency syndromes are especially vulnerable to complications or negative effects of low blood sugar because their bodies are unable to adequately counteract the stress.

How do we relieve hanger?

Take the following actions to manage or avoid being hangry if you are prone to it:

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A word from the team —

Even while we may not always be in control of when we become hangry, knowing why it occurs and what we can do to lessen it will help us regulate our irritability the next time our stomachs start rumbling.

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