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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body, and Your Soul

“It is all in your head!"

Have you ever taken this phrase seriously? Well, it is true. Our body reacts the way we think.

It evolves and grows the way our mind allows it to. We have always been told to focus on the positive. But little are we aware of the impact of optimism on our physical appearance. In this column, we will shed light on the fact of how our thinking influences our physical appearance. 

Your body is changing, physically, with every minute of every day, according to every thought that you go through. Everything that you think about has its own fraction of effect on your physical appearance. 

Your Thoughts Affect Your Body

Studies show that only a simple thought of something can cause your brain to release neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemically produced messengers that serve as a medium for communication with the entire nervous system. Neurotransmitters virtually control all your bodily functions and emotions. 

These messages that the neurotransmitters transmit to the body are responsible for the way your body evolves physically. 

Your thoughts alone can influence your entire body's movements and growth.

The Placebo Effect

In medical terms, Placebo is an inactive medicinal substance that is provided to medical practitioners during a clinical trial. Being an inactive treatment, it absolutely does not have a significant effect on any individual’s health condition. 

It is supposed to be used by the researchers to determine and record the effect of a new drug in comparison to the old one.

The Placebo Effect is when there is an improvement in the medical condition, even though the actual medication hasn't been used.

The idea that your brain can convince your body of a fake treatment is the real thing. This process can, itself, stimulate healing.

Psychological Influence of The Placebo Effect:
The two most common psychological reactions of the Placebo Effect are: 

(i) Classical Conditioning 

Classing Conditioning is a modification process. This happens when you associate a specific reaction to an action or actions similar to it. For example, if you get nauseated by a specific kind of food once, your mind will convince itself that the food is not suitable for you; even if you got sick due to some other factors. Your body will confer to the fact that it has to avoid any intake of that specific food. 

(ii) Anticipation 

The Placebo Effect has a thorough grasp on our expectations. When we have some prior assurances for something — it generally affects our perception and reaction to it. 

As an example, if you take a pill for a headache and expect it to work effectively — your mind will induce itself into thinking that your headache is cured. And when the mind is convinced that the ailment is gone, the actual illness fades away spontaneously.

Your Thoughts Sculpt Your Mind and Body

Every thought produced by your mind causes some level of neurochemical change. Your emotions change according to your physical actions. For example, if you express some kind of gratitude, your mind releases a type of neurotransmitter called 'Dopamine' — which tends to promote joyous vibes and emotions. 

Your emotions reflect in your actions and your body evolves according to your thoughts.

What goes on in your mind also affects your body in certain ways.

When the signals that your brain gives to the body run through the nervous system, it generates an electric reaction. That reaction physically changes the body, affecting the way you grow. 

Use Your Thoughts for Your Body

Your mind has more power to influence your physical and cognitive growth than you could ever imagine. Everything that you think of, every vibe you produce, every decision you make — has its reaction on your body. The more you improve your cognitive habits and thoughts, the more your body will adapt to and change. 

We learn that what is on your mind can easily influence your actions and result in changing your physical appearance. 

So, try to think positively and use your thoughts wisely to beautifully transform your appearance.  And if you need any guidance relating to how to improve your emotional, mental, and physical health — contact Corrielus Cardiology.

Here at Corrielus Cardiology, Dr. Sanul Corrielus is a big advocate for a healthy lifestyle. He will guide you through your transformation journey.

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