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Exercising Self-Control

Let's take an inventory on how you're doing with heart healthy habits up until now, before we begin discussing self-control.

While practicing the "Art of Healing Thyself" are you...

  1. Beginning to become more aware of yourself?
  2. Practicing communicating your needs while being a self-advocate?
  3. Intentionally taking steps toward survival by setting goals?
  4. Embracing your struggles and learning from them?

If you answered 'yes' to a couple of those questions, you are making progress. Continue the journey with patience and grace for yourself. Give yourself time and when you fall off the tract, get up and try again.

Self-control is another important part of healing thyself. Most times when you hear the words 'self-control' you think of diet. You knock yourself down because you just indulged in that cookie or 'no-no' item on your non-healthy heart food list.

While eating is a big part of self-control, you also need to remember that with self-control you can manage your attitude. You can choose your words with wisdom. You will be able to control your reactions. You will have the ability to stick to your healthy schedule. You will be able to maintain a healthy life, and be on the road to healing thyself.

Self-control enables your mind to acknowledge your body's desires, and choose what's right in situations. Self-control requires a figurative handshake between your desires and your mind. Your desires agree to listen to your mind and submit to its commands.

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