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Four Food Items That Can Make You Hungrier—and What to Eat Instead

Four Food Items That Can Make You Hungrier—and What to Eat Instead

We all have this habit of nibbling snacks all day long. Whether we're working on a stressful presentation, chilling on the porch, running late to the class, or mind meddling over a crisis, our only constant companion is food. We often find ourselves turning hungry again after a short while of eating, either be it a snack or a whole meal.

Do you ever wonder why this hunger strikes again even when you have had a heavy meal?

Well, it's not the quantity but the quality that makes you ache for food all over again. Regardless of the amount, many food items lack the nutrients essential for your body's fulfillment. This causes your tummy to call for food again, as it didn't receive enough nutrients to be satisfied.

This blog covers the food items you might need to ditch as soon as your next hunger-haul strikes!

Low Fat Yogurt:

While yogurt is proven to be a super-healthy food, it doubles your hunger. It depends on the type of yogurt you choose to consume that determines whether it will trigger or gratify your cravings. Untreated yogurt has a good amount of fat that sets off your blood sugar, so you opt for low-fat yogurt, which simulates sugar and tricks your mind into satisfaction. Although low-fat yogurt is a decent alternative to cut off on sugar, it can still stimulate hunger as it doesn't contain enough nutrients to balance your system. Yogurt also takes away the fulfillment that chewing your food gives you, leaving you feeling like you haven't eaten anything.

For an alternative, eat protein-rich Greek yogurt. Throw in your favorite fruits, bits, and nuts to add the nutrients and get that crunch you crave.

Granola Bars:

We eat Granola Bars assuming them to be an easy snack with a hassle-free nutrition boost on the go, but these bars might leave you yearning for more instead. These snack bars are swamped with oils and preservatives, which will make you feel hungry.

Instead, try to consume some popcorn. Because of its volume, it doesn't make you feel like you're overeating and yet, fills your stomach. Being a chewable snack, it will also tire your mouth and lead you to stop thinking about eating anything else for some time.

Morning Cereals:

The quickest morning fuel is a bowl of cereal. But, turns out, the lucky charms you devour every day aren't very lucky for your appetite. Do you ever find yourself craving for something solid after half an hour of slurping a big bowl of cereal? Well, that's because the cereal you eat is full of sugar. Sugar dissolves quickly into your system and empties your stomach faster than you fill it. Sugar vanishes into your digestive system as easily as cotton candy does in water.

Instead of sugary cereal, look for low-calorie cereals or add in some fruits and nuts to your milk and rack that instead. Or have an omelet and bread with some fresh banana milk for complete and long-term satiation.


Yes, you read that right; the most humble vegetable of all, a potato, stimulates your hunger. Well, it's not exactly the potato's fault, but the way you make it. Frying up your potatoes and adding salt and flavorings to them will give a smacking taste for your tongue to enjoy. But, on the other hand, it would also increase your sodium content which will boost your blood sugar level and then crash it. This will leave you much hungrier than you ever were.

To counteract that, simply boil and mash your potatoes, add your favorite seasoning, and that's it. A perfect nutritional snack at your disposal. You can also bake your potatoes and eat them with a good dip.

Here were some of the food products that might make you hungrier than you were before having them and the alternatives to them.

A Word from the Team

Snacking throughout the day results according to the foods you snack on. Eat healthily, and you might increase your nutritional value, eat unhealthily, and your health might end up getting worse. So, eat accordingly and drink an adequate amount of water.

To know further about fixing up your diet for better health, contact Corrielus Cardiology.

At Corrielus Cardiology, the team values the strong correlation between heart health and overall wellness. The practice aims to educate the community on how good lifestyle choices and routines can ultimately help prevent emergency room visits, save money, and build stronger, healthier families. Corrielus Cardiology provides a friendly, inviting, and culturally sensitive environment and they want each patient to feel comfortable and cared for on a personal level.

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