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Fuel For Your Joyful Heart

Happy New Year from Dr. Corrielus and our entire professional team at Corrielus Cardiology. We are honored to serve you at our wellness center in Philadelphia with our integrative cardiovascular care. We use a unique collaborative approach to your heart health by providing comprehensive cardiology services that are driven by community education and empowerment.

As we look at your heart through a physical lens, we know it drives all the other functions of your body. Without it, everything else stops. As we remove our physical lens and view your heart through emotional lens, we know it's your heart that drives most of your actions as well. Although we know memories, thoughts and emotions are stored and generated in the brain, there is an undeniable link between what happens in your emotions and what happens in your heart.

Foods that you eat fuel your heart both physically and emotionally. We all know that the foods we put into our mouth can have either a negative effect on our heart, or a positive one. We've learned this for many years. However, did you know that you can also fuel your heart with foods that bring you joy?

The taste of foods, the scents of food preparation, and the colorful and delectable sights of food can spark joy and create lasting memories in our hearts and taste buds. When making heart healthy food choices, consider ways to link them to joyful moments.

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