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Serving Your Heart While Serving Others

Last month we discussed how spirituality is a component to healing thyself. We touched on the fact that serving plays an important role in your spirituality because your happiness and joy are dependent on your ability to look outside of yourself and acknowledge that you are necessary and you can bless others with your acts of service.

Let's look at ways you can actively serve others so we actually fill our hearts with joy and fulfillment.

Service to an organization:

What are you most passionate about? What things make your heart come alive? What makes your heart ache? Find organizations that align with your heart's passions and volunteer to serve with them on a regular basis. Local churches, hospitals, schools, fire departments and retirement homes are all great places to begin your search.

Service to an individual:

Are you drawn to a person who needs your help? Maybe it's time to take that first step and reach out with a helping hand. Chances are, that person may be too shy or prideful to ask for the help that they need. Sometimes the simplest question of: "May I help you?" can begin a beautiful friendship and opportunity to serve someone.

Service to your family:

You were placed in your family for a reason and a purpose. Find ways to simply serve each member sacrificially. Small acts of service go a long way, and typically are reciprocated in a cycle of kindness that warms your heart and your home.

Knitting together the acts of your hands to the strings of your heart will create beautiful warmth of healing for your heart. Contact Corrielus Cardiology today at (215) 383-5900 to discover other ways to strengthen your heart and heal thyself.

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