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Simple yet Important Measures to Improve Your Adrenal Function

Well, do you always feel exhausted? Do you tend to hit the snooze button quite a number of times to finally drag yourself out of bed? Can you not get through your day without three or four cups of strong coffee? There can be several reasons backing your fatigue. But there could be a significant source of your constant exhaustion.

Adrenal fatigue. Yes! This condition indicates depletion of our adrenal glands. Now, cortisol — a hormone released by our adrenals, is responsible for the regulation of our blood pressure. And, hence, in order to fight and deal with stress, our adrenal glands release greater amounts of cortisol.

Adrenal burnout, therefore, occurs when the adrenals have been fatigued by excess cortisol discharge and can no longer produce levels of the respective hormone — required for optimal body functioning. So, what are the signs and symptoms of adrenal insufficiency?

You might see these common symptoms pop up, quite often, in those struggling to optimize their cortisol levels:

Do you, too, experience these signs and symptoms?

Now well, thankfully, there are many effective methods to heal your adrenals. What are they? Find out now.

7 Steps to Improve Adrenal Function

(1) Ensure to Get Adequate Sleep on a Regular Basis.

With our involvement in various pursuits, the first activity that we (without thinking twice) tend to sacrifice is — our sleep. However, this act of ours is absolutely wrong. To restore our adrenal glands and feel our very best every day — we must ensure to get sufficient hours of sleep. Yes! Therefore, try to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep, each night. Respond to your internal clock; understand the number of hours your body necessitates to relax and sleep; make sleep your priority.

(2) Low-Intensity and Restorative Exercise can prove to be Extremely Helpful.

Exercise is not solely for maintaining your physique. With the release of endorphins (the happy brain chemical) — daily exercise can unquestionably relieve your stress levels, lower your blood pressure, and prevent you from becoming prone to several diseases. 

Hence, opt for a sustainable form of exercise. It can either be gentle yoga, a 30-minutes dance session, or even a brisk walk in the neighborhood.

Just remember — you should enjoy the activity. Not to mention, these sustainable exercises can surely bring about a huge difference in your life and make you more active.

(3) Eat Nutrient-Rich Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Now, you must ensure to eat a plant-based diet. Your meal should be colorful and comprise of fruits and vegetables, protein, and healthy fats (the unsaturated fats that can help you lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease)!

Such nutritious meals can provide your body with adequate minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber — eventually helping you in improving your adrenal health, reducing your inflammation, and making you feel more energized.

(4) Work on your Stress Management Techniques.

Stress Management is a non-negotiable act for achieving optimal health. Chronic stress has a deleterious effect on your health, whether we talk about any of the aspects — physical, emotional, or mental.  So, you need to eliminate it whenever possible! Firstly, start saying no to things that aren’t necessary. Also, observe, accept and reduce your meetings with individuals who solely tend to drain your energy.

After these preventive measures, find sustainable approaches to deal with your stress. Spend some time alone, exercise, meditate and pray!

Whatever you choose, fabricate a strategy that would work best for you in reducing your stress levels.

(5) Step Outside.

Well, we do not need to repeat this over and over again, but several research studies have determined that nature can, indeed, reduce our stress and anxiety. Ergo, step outside to support your adrenal health. This activity can, unquestionably, help you in clarifying and enhancing your thoughts. It can also improve your blood pressure and immunity. Also, if you want to gain maximum advantages, try exercising when surrounded by nature. It can undoubtedly prove to be the best medicine for your body and mind.

(6) Cut Out Caffeine.

Caffeine seems to be the most perfect solution, for when our adrenal glands are challenged. However, anything in excess is harmful. This case can also be applied to caffeine. Caffeine, when consumed in excess, only adds to our stress. Considering its long-term effects, it is certainly not good for our body and further worsens the functioning of our glands. Not solely that, it negatively impacts our sleep, which again is critical for the healing of our adrenal glands.

Thus, replace your caffeine intake with that of water. Try aiming to get well hydrated. Target half of your body weight in ounces of water, each day. You can even add some extra electrolytes (since excess stress can cause electrolyte losses).

(7) Get Yourself Tested.

Even after having tried everything, if you do feel exhausted — well, we guess, then you must connect with a Naturopathic practitioner. With a number of tests, you will be able to observe your diurnal cortisol pattern and can eventually work through it with the thorough recommendations of your doctor.


Let's Wrap It Up:

Life is stressful. But you can certainly take control of it.

Remember: All the points mentioned above are nothing but a list of self-care activities. So, ensure to practice at least one or two pursuits from the list above (whichever one feels right for you) and keep it going. Living a satisfactory life is tough when you’re tired. Thus, if you need more support, consider reaching out to us.

We at Corrielus Cardiology are ever-present to provide you with healthcare solutions for your daily life. We ensure to help you build a better and healthier lifestyle so that you can live a happier, stress-free life. Thus, schedule an appointment, today. 

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