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Sing For Your Health!

Sing For Your Health!

Ever heard of the quote, "Music can heal the wound that medicines cannot touch".

Who doesn't like singing? And especially when it helps your heart get better at every rhyme! Yes, you read it right. Singing helps improve your overall health. It has a surreal impact on your heart, mind, and body.

We experience immense satisfaction and refreshment when we sing our hearts out. We can physically and mentally feel the effects of singing on our bodies and minds. We love to sing as we get to feel that punch of positivity that comes with the melody.

In fact, there is scientific evidence for the statement that singing induces better health.

So, what are the benefits? Well, read further to know more!

Benefits of Singing

There are numerous advantages of exercising your vocals. Better blood flow, stress release, a distraction from any tensions, immunity-boosting, working out your lungs, and so on. Some of the usefulness are listed below:

Singing in a choir tends to boost your immunity. Research conducted at the University of Frankfurt showed the same. This study tested professional choir members' blood after a rehearsal session and found that a certain amount of Immunoglobulin A, proteins working in the immune system as antibodies, were at a high level after rehearsing Mozart's "Requiem". The surprising part; these antibodies were not pacing up when the choir members were passively listening to the same.

Singing a song you like helps you release stress. There are proofs, both scientific and emotional. In a study, people's saliva was tested before and after humming a tune they liked. The results showed that cortisol — a stress hormone, was present in their saliva on a high level and then diminished right after they sang their favorite melodies. Apart from science, we can actually feel the shot of positivity boosting in our mind when our thoughts burst out into a song.

Whether you sing in a band or at the college canteen with your four forever friends, or maybe in a karaoke bar with your loved ones, group singing helps you stay at a good distance from your pain. Group singing causes your body to release endorphins, the hormones that produce positive feelings. They can also change your perception of pain.

Singing, dancing, and producing music in a group helps you get rid of your pain way more than sitting around and listening to music does. According to scientists, it is the social connection that we have with the people we share our music with, that helps us forget the pain.

When you share your beloved songs with someone, it is equal to sharing a part of your soul with them. Presenting and exchanging music with someone creates a mutual bond of belongingness and relatability. This bond helps improve your mental health and forms strong-social relationships. Sharing melodies make you experience the same feeling of attachment as being on the same team in a sports match. Oxytocin is one of the neurochemicals released when people feel bonded together. This feel-good hormone can help bring a drastic positive change in your mental health.

A Word from Our Healthcare Providers

Science and our experiences — both have been posed as evidence for the fact that singing promotes health and wellness. There are various instances of how vocalizing your heart out helps you boost up your immunity, relieving stress, distracting you from your existing pain, and creating better social relationships.

The best thing about singing to brush up on your health is that you don't necessarily have to be good at it. There are no expectations or routines for singing. You can sing your heart out in the shower, hum while taking a morning stride, or join a choir club. Whatever you do, just make sure that you enjoy it.

If you need further help regarding your health and wellness, contact Corrielus Cardiology today! Always remember, when in doubt, sing out loud!

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