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The Many Benefits of Concierge Medicine

How long do you typically wait to get in to see your doctor? And when the day of your appointment finally arrives, how long do you sit in the waiting room? 

Your answers may depend on whether you needed a sick-person appointment or a routine exam. But chances are your wait times are unacceptably long. 

On average, it’s estimated that 60% of people wait two weeks to get in to see their primary care provider. If you need a specialist, the earliest appointment could be several months down the road.

Concierge medicine is dramatically different from traditional health care services in many ways, but one of the most important is that you won’t wait to see the doctor.

At Corrielus Cardiology, under the leadership of Dr. Sanul Corrielus, we offer the option of concierge medicine because we’re dedicated to providing prompt, comprehensive, and truly individualized care. You can call our office to learn the details of enrolling in concierge care. 

In the meantime, here are six benefits of concierge medicine.

1. Say goodbye to the waiting room

Even the most diligent doctors sometimes run late. They may have an emergency patient who needs prompt care or take longer with one patient than the allotted time for each appointment.

Then there are doctors who always run behind. You know that you’ll sit in the waiting room a half hour or longer. And let’s not even get into the average two-hour wait if you go to the emergency department.

You can eliminate the wait time when you choose concierge medicine. You also get quick access to the health care you need, because concierge medicine entitles you to same-day appointments.

2. Get comprehensive care with longer appointments

You may not know that most primary care doctors allow 15 minutes for each appointment. That’s just enough time to quickly explain your symptoms and get a cursory exam. 

When you enroll in concierge care, you automatically get longer appointments. We customize the amount of time you need so you never feel rushed.

We leave enough time to give you thoughtful answers to your questions, and we have time to talk and create a relationship. We’re devoted to knowing each person so that we can create treatment plans that fit their individual health care needs.

3. Reach the medical team with 24/7 access

Of all the benefits of concierge medicine, many of our patients love having 24/7 phone and email access. This is especially important when you have heart problems and symptoms suddenly appear. Having 24/7 access is also comforting any time you have questions about the best lifestyle choices for your heart health.

4. Receive medical care at home

As part of our concierge program, we provide care in your home. We use a team approach so you can always depend on having an experienced healthcare professional who is available to treat you at home. During at-home appointments, we look forward to talking with you, your caregivers, and family members.

5. Stay healthy with proactive preventive care

Many doctors say they focus on preventing health problems. But you’re more likely to actually receive proactive preventive health care when you have the individualized attention of a concierge physician. 

Preventive care isn’t relegated to a yearly exam. Every time you see our team we devote time to learning about your health, talking about new concerns, and teaching you how to maintain optimal health and wellness.

6. Take control of your health care and your costs

You can take control of your costs with concierge care because you pay one fee, and in return, you automatically receive certain services. We also tell you about the exact cost for any additional tests or treatments that fall outside your concierge services.

Concierge medicine doesn’t involve insurance companies. That means you get the essential care you need without worrying about whether your insurance provider will approve your expenses. 

If concierge medicine appeals to you, call Corrielus Cardiology or book an appointment with us online to learn about services and fees. 

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