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The Multiple Benefits Of Celebrating Creation

blue sky cloudsThere’s something very special about something coming forth and being made new. You are one of those very special things! You were conceived and created in a truly miraculous way. Creation surrounds us everywhere we look! Do you see it? Do you pause in awe of it from time to time? There are multiple benefits to pausing to consider creation.

Celebrating The Creator

Standing at an art gallery, in front of a beautiful structure or even in front of the mirror can often make you wonder, “What was the artist thinking when he created this?” It’s fun to learn more about an artist to know the history, the intent, and the emotion behind the created piece. Knowing that it was brought forth with a purpose gives new meaning behind each piece of art. You are a work of art too! You were brought to this earth for a purpose too! Celebrate your Creator!

Celebrating The Creation

Knowing that all creation has a purpose helps provide inspiration for each new day. Stop and admire beautiful things throughout your day. Pause and consider how every part of your created body works and functions. Care for yourself and the creation that surrounds you each day. Allow it to inspire you to find joy and inspiration for your day.

Celebrating Your Creations

With all of the creation that surrounds you each day, allow it to be an inspiration for you to create beautiful things. Create moments filled with joy and emotion. Create works of art; discover new art forms that challenge you to widen your vision of what’s beautiful. Create space for you to express your creativity in your home, community and family.

Dr. Corrielus is passionate about celebrating each of his patients. He recognizes that each of his patients is a true work of art, created for a specific purpose. With this in mind, he passionately offers integrative cardiovascular care for you. Call and schedule an appointment with him today.

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