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Top 5 Psychological Benefits of Exercise

Why do you exercise? Do you work out for fitness or because of a trend? What motivates you to get up every morning and work out? If you are not exercising, then why not? 

Till the time you ponder on those thoughts, let’s discuss what exercising can do for your body. We all know the physical benefits of exercising. But are you aware of its psychological benefits?

If you have still not hit the gym then wait for these top 5 psychological benefits of exercise. Here are the most loved and proven benefits that will convince you to work out:

1) Improves self-esteem:

When you work out, you achieve your desired body goals. And that will increase your confidence and self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself, your perspective on life changes. We know that is a whopping claim, but it's true. Being fit does that to you. It makes you satisfied and happier in life. When this happens, you psychologically think better of yourself. You start putting yourself out it the world and thrive success. 

2) Help combat stress:

Exercising not only make you happy but reduces stress. People with anxiety should work out more. When you do physical activities, then your brain stimulates the production of neurohormones, like, norepinephrine. It even increases your heart rate, which helps combat multiple heart diseases. People who hit the gym leave sweaty and happy. It has something to do with cognitive functioning. So remember whenever, you are going through a stressful event, unplug yourself and work out for 30 minutes. It surely will clear your head and your thoughts. 

3) Boosts IQ and learning capacity:

It might sound vague, but fasten your seat belt for this one. It is proven that students who exercise experience better learning capacity than those who don't. When you exercise, then it improves your overall cognitive functioning. And that includes your memory and learning capacity. Practical tests were performed, and the results favor this theory. So if you wish to score well in academics or your work life, then we suggest you start exercising. 

4) Improves your social relations:

Social life is a tricky business. It all depends upon your connections and your personality. We believe when you are happy and content with your present self, then your confidence rises drastically. When that happens, you participate more in group events. Because you don't shy away from starting a conversion. All this happens because you feel more sociable and presentable. Although, we know feeling confident only when we are fit is not correct but you can't deny its relation. Working out does take a toll on you. And that too in a positive form.

5) Better sleep cycle:

This benefit is a game-changer for us. We always tell our patients to thrive for a healthy lifestyle. This will not just improve their heart health but will also prevent a lot of medical problems. An improved sleep cycle is the biggest trait of a healthy lifestyle. When you exercise, then your body temperature rises. It has a lot of calming effects on your body and your mind. With exercising, you can regulate your circadian rhythm. Improved sleep cycle cures insomnia and a lot of anxiety disorders. It makes you a calm person. Imagine waking up happy every day with 7-8 hours of sleep. Sounds like a dream right? Well, that dream can be your reality now.

We hope you are convinced now. Here at Corrielus Cardiology, Dr. Sanul Corrielus is a big advocate for a healthy lifestyle. He himself will guide you through. He even recommends a list of exercises to his patients. What comes first is your health. And that includes both your physical and mental health. With exercising, you are literally adding years to your life span. You are making sure your heart stays fit and prevent yourself from problems like blood pressure and cholesterol. 

So now is the time to change your life for good. It might be hard at the start. The routine will be tiresome. But within a week you will get used to working out. The psychological benefits of exercising are enormous and that improves your everyday life. 

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