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Ways to Maintain Focus As You Age

Ways to Maintain Focus As You Age

As we get older, we notice a drastic range of forgetfulness or memory wipes out of a certain moment. While it is normal to forget things or events, we get tense about these happenings as we grow older. Sometimes we fear that we might be developing dementia or part-time memory loss. We tend to lose focus so often that it starts annoying us. This causes immense stress on our minds and distracts us from our goals.

However, being a usual trick of mind doesn't make it a negligible matter that you are losing focus as you grow older. Although there is no specific treatment for loss of concentration, there are numerous brain sharpening exercises that you can do to help improve your focus.

In this blog, we have compiled some advice regarding enhancing your focus.


Shut Off the Distractions:

The wall between fulfilling your tasks and you are mere distractions that break your concentration. Distraction can be anything, incomplete work, loud noises, people talking to you, getting up from your work desk repetitively, etc.

All these distractions cause your concentration to break and make you irritable towards your work. So, get rid of the distractions around your workspace. Work in a quiet and comfortable place and, make sure to complete all your chores before you get down to work.


Caffeine for the Win:

Take frequent but limited coffee breaks. When you consume caffeine, it can help your cognitive system work well. It can help you wake up from your lethargy, and increase your attentiveness. Make sure to consume coffee or other caffeine-infused beverages in a moderate quantity. Caffeine is easy to get addicted to, and when taken in excess, can cause anxiety and insomnia. It can reduce your ability to focus and function properly.


Show Your Back to Social Media:

Talking about these anti-social times, the only source of entertainment and current event updates we get is through social media. But as informative as it is, social media can also be very distracting. It's no news that the internet is a great platform to be briefed about the world. But there are so many social media sites that may divert your mind from your goals. So, avoid going to certain entertainment sites while you work. And even when you do take an entertainment break, track the time you spent on it.


Feed Your "Hanger":

All of us have experienced the feeling of being "Hangry": angry when we are hungry. Being overly hungry for a long time can irritate and distract you from your goals.

So, to sustain focus and hold on to your emotions, keep yourself well-fed and hydrated while you work.


Compose Your Tasks:

Make a to-do list for all your tasks of the day. Sort out your priorities and highlight them to finish them first. Then focus on other niche tasks. It will help you keep a record of your day and enhance your efficiency by motivating you to complete your work within a particular time frame.

Ranking your tasks in order of importance also gives you a heads up on your time management skills.


Get a Good Nap:

Get enough comfortable sleep of 8 hours to maintain focus and work efficiency. When you rest properly, your body gets fueled enough to work productively. Undisturbed sleep doesn't just help you perpetuate your focus but also sharpens your memory and induces creativity. An adequate amount of rest helps relieve your tensions so you can develop more problem-solving skills.



You get more and more responsible as you age. And as your responsibilities grow, so does your mental turmoil. While it is perfectly normal to lose focus while growing old, some lifestyle changes can preserve your concentration.

And if you want further information regarding your mental health and concentration, contact Corrielus Cardiology. We can help you sharpen your memory.

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