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What Activities Are Hazardous To Your Heart Health And What Are Some Solutions?

What Activities Are Hazardous To Your Heart Health And What Are Some Solutions?

There won't be any brow raised to this fact — our heart is the most essential yet the most vulnerable part of our body. 

Our daily habits can bring about significant changes in our heart health. But it depends on you and your habits — what kind of changes you would want to practice. Are they positive changes that modify your cardiovascular health for the better, or are they some negative changes that would cost you a fortune, both physically and financially?

In this blog — we will analyze the negative lifestyle traits that potentially harm our bodies.

The Four Horsemen of Cardiac Deterioration

Metaphorically speaking, there are four horsemen to the apocalypse of your heart. These four lifestyle habits can lead to cardiovascular diseases in the future. These four factors are:

• Smoking and Alcoholism

• Inactivity and Low Flexibility

• Carrying Excessive or Insufficient Weight

• Having Excessive Amounts of Processed Foods or Red Meat;

These are the four main agents that can evidently drive your heart into the valley of multiple incurable cardiovascular diseases. Explained below is how these factors can adversely affect your heart.

Let’s start with Smoking and Alcoholism.

1. Smoking and Alcoholism:

Are we even a bit unaware of the fact that smoking and drinking pose a life threat to our hearts?

Well, if you have been ignorant of the news — this piece will help you change your mind. Smoking itself gives rise to immense damage to your body and heart. Smoking emits toxic chemicals that build up plaque inside your body. This plaque buildup causes your blood vessels to narrow — resulting in decreased blood flow, which further leads to heart failure or a stroke. 

Alcoholism might not be directly related to heart diseases. But it does have a secondhand effect on the heart — alcoholic substances pollute the blood that constantly flows through the heart. These pollutants collect in the heart and lead to cardiac arrest and failure. 

2. Inactivity and Low Flexibility

nactivity is always your worst enemy, regardless of who you are or what you do. Inactivity includes sitting on the sofa, watching tv for five hours straight, or working on your laptop for a whole day without taking a break. When your body doesn’t move, it decreases your blood flow and organ efficiency. This could result in sudden pressure, leading your organs to collapse and causing deadly reactions. ;

3.Carrying Excessive or Insufficient Weight:

Either be it too skinny or too obese; when it comes to weight, heart health is always at a risk. Being too skinny decreases your blood pressure, resulting in a low rate of blood flow throughout the body. Whereas being too overweight raises your cholesterol level, giving a push up to the blood pressure, leading your heart to be inefficient. 

By choosing healthy over ideal, you’re choosing self-love over self-judgment. 

4. Having Excessive Amounts of Processed Foods or Red Meat:

Although red meat is an extremely common delicacy, it is pretty harmful to your heart. While a good population consumes red meat on a frequent basis, it potentially affects your mortality rate by approximately 10%. Red meat is very high in saturated fats, which boosts up your cholesterol to an unhealthy level. 

Common knowledge is that a higher level of LDL cholesterol gives rise to a risk of heart disease. Canned or processed meat is treated with high amounts of impurities that not only harm the heart but also wreak havoc the other parts of your body.

The White Knights Protecting Your Heart Health

As we discussed the four horsemen to a cardiac apocalypse, we must also learn about the white knights to counter them. Here are the four white knights to improve your heart health:

1. Avoid and Quit:

If you are addicted to smoking, drinking, or any other habits of the sort, cut down on these habits. Above mentioned reasons are enough to make you aware of the damage that these addictions could bring upon your heart. Also, remember to avoid secondhand smoke as well. Secondhand smoke is just as harmful as straight-up smoking. 

2. Be As Active As You Can:

Try to move as much as you can. Take frequent breaks mid-work. Do the tasks that you were procrastinating about. Exercise to enhance your flexibility. Even if you do minute things, do it. Move your body as much as you can. This will benefit you — mentally and physically.

3. Focus On A Healthy Body:

Remember to focus on having a healthy body rather than having a socially acceptable physical structure. Do not starve or stuff yourself just because that is how society accepts you. Understand that being efficient and healthy is more important than trying to look perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Anybody's shape can be healthy.

4. Cut Down On Excessively Saturated Meat:

Reduce your red meat intake to twice a month or so. Avoid processed food as much as you possibly can. Treat red meat as you would treat a lobster, relish it as a seldom consumed delicacy. 


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