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You Are An Artist

As we wrap up 2017, and head into 2018, it’s important to look back and see where we’ve come before stepping into all the new of the year in 2018. As we’ve explored the “Art Of Healing Thyself” we’ve discussed topics such as:


Each of these topics are valuable and worthy for contemplation and implementation. However, if you were to focus on just one of these and disregard the others, all of this discussion about healing thyself would be in vain. You see, all of these attributes of a heart-healthy person with intent on healing thyself, must work together to create the beautiful work of art…YOU!

You are an artist designing your canvas of life. Each day when you wake up you arise to an empty easel sitting before you with a blank white canvas. It’s up to you, the artist, to choose the “colors” you wish to splash upon your life and work of art.

When your perspective for each day begins with a willingness to create new beginnings your creation is intricate, complex, complete and beautiful. Your heart is the control center of your life and intentions. It also is the canvas in which you can accentuate with your own intentions and true art of healing thyself.

Be intentional. Be creative. Be an artist. Be YOU as you embrace your heart and choose to use it as a way to display beauty into the world each and every day to heal thyself.

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