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Concierge Medicine Specialist

Corrielus Cardiology

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Concierge medicine is a different approach to health care that offers you easier access to your medical team and more time with them. Board-certified cardiologist Sanul Corrielus, MD, MBA, FACC, and his team at Corrielus Cardiology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provide concierge medicine services to their patients, including comprehensive home visits if you're unable to travel. Call Corrielus Cardiology today to find out more, or schedule a consultation using the online booking form.

Concierge Medicine

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is an alternative way of providing health care that doesn't involve insurance companies. Instead, you pay a set fee each month or year to Corrielus Cardiology for your health care services.

Concierge medicine is also known as personalized medical services because the emphasis is on your provider being able to spend more time with you and build up a close relationship. Typical benefits of concierge medicine include:

  • Same-day appointments
  • Longer exam times
  • Home delivery of medications
  • 24-hour phone and email access to your doctor
  • Home visits

Many patients find this approach suits them better, as they can avoid long waits for appointments and the frustration of having limited time with their doctor.

How do home visits fit into concierge medicine?

Many people who need medical care can't access it because they're unable to leave home. If this applies to you, Corrielus Cardiology is ready to respond to your needs as part of their concierge medicine program.

The practice's staff brings medical care directly to your home, with each patient having a team of experienced, compassionate health care professionals responsible for them. The team can help you meet the emotional and social challenges you may face as well as medical issues.

To meet your needs, Corrielus Cardiology:

  • Responds to calls within one business day
  • Offers cardiovascular integrative care
  • Has on-site diagnostic testing facilities
  • Identifies health problems for early intervention
  • Conducts referrals where necessary
  • Provides compassionate care

Through regularly scheduled visits, the team members become familiar with you, your caregivers, and other family members, forming strong relationships that promote a better quality of life for homebound patients.

How does concierge medicine benefit my health?

Concierge medicine focuses on prevention — identifying risk factors for disease and addressing health problems before they become more serious.

It's always better to keep from developing a health problem rather than go through the discomfort, distress, and expense of being sick. Concierge medicine gives you far greater access to health care advice and evaluation, so you're less likely to develop heart problems.

The Corrielus Cardiology team advocates preventive cardiology to help their patients avoid heart attacks and other serious cardiac complications, so concierge medicine fits well with their philosophy.

To find out more about concierge medicine and the home visits program, call Corrielus Cardiology today or book an appointment online.