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Second Opinions Specialist

Corrielus Cardiology

Cardiologist located in Philadelphia, PA

If your health care provider tells you surgery is the best approach for your heart condition, you might feel it's worth exploring alternative treatments. Board-certified cardiologist Sanul Corrielus, MD, MBA, FACC, and his team at Corrielus Cardiology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provide second opinions for patients with heart problems. If you would like to confirm a previous diagnosis using the expertise of a noninvasive cardiology expert, call Corrielus Cardiology today to find out more about their second opinion service, or schedule a consultation using the online booking form.

Second Opinions

Is it acceptable to ask for a second opinion?

When it comes to cardiology services and your heart health, you should never hesitate to get a second opinion.

Legitimate medical professionals don't have a problem with this because they understand the importance of their patients having peace of mind when making critical decisions about their health.

Corrielus Cardiology provides expert second opinions for cardiac health and offers a unique integrative approach to treating heart disease.

Why might I want a second opinion?

There are various reasons why you might want or need a second opinion for your cardiovascular health. These include:

  • Exploring every available option
  • Not feeling confident about your physician's recommendation
  • Addressing concerns about the risk of a specific treatment
  • Comparing the cost of your treatment options
  • Fulfilling an insurance company requirement

Second opinions also give you the chance to ask additional questions about your condition and how the treatment is likely to affect your lifestyle, job, and family.

The Corrielus Cardiology team can evaluate you and determine whether their findings support your initial treatment recommendation.

Why should I consider a noninvasive cardiology practice for my second opinion?

If your doctor recommends that you have heart surgery, it makes sense to consult an expert in noninvasive cardiology to ensure you benefit from the broadest scope of professional expertise.

The Corrielus Cardiology team frequently sees patients who want to get a second opinion after hearing they need to undergo an invasive procedure to correct their heart condition. 

As a practice that specializes in noninvasive treatments, Corrielus Cardiology may be able to offer alternatives to surgery.

Their wellness center places significant emphasis on the value of lifestyle habits and making a thorough assessment of existing health conditions and other risk factors that contribute to heart disease.

In many cases, patients can restore their heart health by getting regular exercise, improving their diet, and lowering their stress levels. The use of medications is also effective in treating numerous heart conditions.

Do second opinions always differ from the original diagnosis?

Second opinions aren't always different from the diagnosis and recommendations provided by your original medical team. After careful consideration, it could be that you need a more invasive form of treatment.

It's not always possible to treat patients conservatively, but the Corrielus Cardiology team is happy to provide second opinions. They believe it's essential for patients to feel informed and confident in their cardiac treatment plan.

If you would like to benefit from the peace of mind a second opinion can provide, call Corrielus Cardiology today, or book an appointment online.